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A Korean Kitchen Companion: 28 Recipes for Korean Dishes

A Korean Kitchen Companion: 28 Recipes for Korean Dishes
  • Author : Jia Choi
  • Publisher : Seoul Selection
  • Pub. Date : Mar 2014
  • Cover : Spring Binding
  • Dimensions (in inches) : 5.51 x 8.27 x 0.08
  • Pages : 80
  • ISBN : 9781624120251


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  • Also available as eBook at: iBookstore (Apple)  




    Barbecue or Meat

    01 Braised Chicken in Soy Sauce

    jjimdak 찜닭

    02 Grilled Chicken

    dak gui 닭구이

    03 Korean-Style BBQ Beef Ribs

    LA galbi LA갈비

    04 Sweet and Spicy Fried Chicken

    dak gangjeong 닭강정

    05 Marinated Stir-Fried Beef

    bulgogi 불고기

    06 Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken

    dak galbi 닭갈비

    07 Spicy Stir-Fried Pork

    jeyuk bokkeum 제육볶음



    08 Chilled White Radish Salad

    mu saengchae 무생채

    09 Garlic Chive Salad

    buchu muchim 부추무침

    10 Napa Cabbage Salad

    geotjeori 겉절이

    11 Seasoned Bean Sprouts

    kongnamul muchim 콩나물무침

    12 Seasoned Spinach

    sigeumchi namul 시금치나물

    13 Zucchini Salad

    hobak namul 호박나물



    14 Kimchi Fried Rice

    kimchi bokkeumbap 김치볶음밥

    15 Stone Pot Bibimbap

    dolsot bibimbap 돌솥비빔밥

    16 Multi-Grain Rice in a Stone Pot

    yeongyang dolsotbap 영양돌솥밥


    Noodles (flour-based food)

    17 Mixed Mushroom and Glass Noodle Salad

    beoseot japchae 버섯잡채

    18 Noodles Served with Spicy Squid

    ojingeo somyeon 오징어 소면

    19 Seafood Pancake

    haemul pajeon 해물파전

    20 Spicy Noodle Salad

    jaengban guksu 쟁반국수


    Bean & Tofu

    21 Braised Tofu with Spicy Sauce

    dubu jorim 두부조림

    22 Soft Tofu Stew

    sundubu jjigae 순두부찌개

    23 Soybean Paste Stew

    doenjang jjigae 된장찌개



    24 Napa Cabbage Kimchi

    baechu kimchi 배추김치

    25 Cucumber Kimchi

    oi kimchi 오이김치

    26 White Radish Kimchi

    kkakdugi 깍두기

    27 Kimchi Pancake

    kimchi jeon 김치전

    28 Tofu with Stir-Fried Kimchi

    dubu kimchi 두부김치

  • Press Release
  • About the Author


    Jia Choi developed a natural interest in food culture when she

    encountered the cultures of Brazil, Japan, and parts of Africa as a

    child. She began the work she is doing today out of the belief that the

    best way to share her values and knowledge about Korea with the

    world is through food.

    Since 2008, Choi has been the president of O’ngo Food

    Communications in Seoul. In her work there, she uses her own

    experience living overseas to bring Korean food to people around the

    world in a way that suits their sensibilities.

    The company’s name, O’ngo, means “revitalizing tradition through

    modernization.” Reflecting this mission, Choi is engaged in researching

    and disseminating the ways in which traditional Korean food can

    become quicker, easier, and more delicious to prepare and eat.

    Choi is an expert in Korean cuisine with a PhD in food and nutrition

    from Ewha Womans University. She runs a Korean cooking class and

    food tours. (www.ongofood.com) 

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