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The Functioning of a Buddha’s Mind

The Functioning of a Buddha’s Mind
  • Author : Prime Dharma
  • Publisher : Seoul Selection
  • Pub. Date : September 2011
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Dimensions (in inches) : 7.87*5.90*0.74
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN : 978-89-91913-82-0


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  • Product Description
  • Contents CHAPTER 1. Thus Did I Hear [The Reasons for the Dharma Meeting] CHAPTER 2. Two Fundamental Questions of Mind-Practice [Subhuti’s Dharma Request] CHAPTER 3. Nine Minds That Must Be Reformed [The Orthodox Cardinal Doctrines of the Mahāyāna] CHAPTER 4. Where The Buddha’s Mind Dwells [Marvelous Practice Without Dwelling] CHAPTER 5. The Unchainging Reality [Truly Seeing the Principle of Suchness] CHAPTER 6. Prophecies on The Dharma-Ending World [The Rarity of Right Belief] CHAPTER 7. Grounding in the No-Mind [Nothing Attained, Nothing Taught] CHAPTER 8. The True Buddhadharma Requires Abandoning the Buddhadharma [Being Born from Reliance on the Dharma] CHAPTER 9. Four Stages of Mind-Practice [The One Form Not Being Form] CHAPTER 10. Practice to Cultivate the Mind-Field [Cultivation of Splendor on the Pure Land] CHAPTER 11. The Greatest Merit [The Supremacy of Unconditioned Blessings] CHAPTER 12. The Place Where the Diamond Sutra Is Present [Revering the Proper Teaching] CHAPTER 13. Deciding the Title of the Scripture [Accepting and Upholding in Accordance with the Dharma] CHAPTER 14. True Practice with Forbearance [Leaving Notions and Achieving Cessation] CHAPTER 15. The Tathagata Sees and Knows All [The Merits of Upholding the Sutra] CHAPTER 16. Reducing Karma from Previous Lives [Capably Cleansing Karmic Obstructions] CHAPTER 17. I Without I [No Self in the Ultimate Realm] CHAPTER 18. The Five Discernments of the Buddha [Seeing All as a Single Body] CHAPTER 20. The Unknowable Mind of the Buddha. [Leaving Both Form and Appearance] CHAPTER 21. Words That Cannot Be Expressed in Words [No Speaking and Nothing Spoken] CHAPTER 22. The Unattainable Mind [No Dharma That Can Be Attained] CHAPTER 23. The Mind That We All Possess Equally [Doing Good with a Pure Mind} CHAPTER 24. The Incomparable Merit [Blessings and Wisdom Are Without Compare] CHAPTER 25. The Buddha’s Edifying Mind [Edifying Without Being Edified] CHAPTER 26. The Physical Body and the Dharmakāya [The Dharma Body Not Being an Appearance] CHAPTER 27. The Meaning of ‘Nonexistence’ [No Cessation or Extinguishing] CHAPTER 28. To Freedom [Neither Receiving Nor Coveting] CHAPTER 29. That Mind Going, That Mind Coming [His Demeanor Being Serene and Tranquil] CHAPTER 30. The Truth Is One [The Principle Image of One Unity] CHAPTER 31. The Views of the Buddha [Not Producing Knowledge and Views] CHAPTER 32. A Plea for Edification [The Transformation Body Not Being the True Body]

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