The Korean Way of Tea: An Introductory Guide

  • An outstanding English-language introduction to the history and virtues of Korean tea
  • Blissfully light, yet deep in cultural content and insight

Tea drinking is now a global pastime, and a delectable variety of teas are much sought after by connoisseurs worldwide. In this meditative volume to understanding, appreciating, and serving Korean tea, authors Brother Anthony of Taizé and Hong Kyeong-hee share their intimate knowledge of a cultural practice and art form that at its core embraces

universal principles of peace, refinement, and simplicity. The Korean Way of Tea is a rich and inviting text accompanied by full-color photographs of the beauty of Korea and her architecture, nature, and people. This introductory guide is a welcome addition for anyone interested in tea and its extraordinary contribution to the Korean cultural tradition.

Author (s): 
Brother Anthony of Taizé & Hong Kyeong-hee
Publishing Date: 
May 2007
124 pages
7.51 x 5.66 x 0.39 inches