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North Korean Atlas
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 45,000
USD 32.99
Author: Dongwoo Yim, Rafael Luna (ed)
Publisher: Damdi
Pub. Date: May 2014
Pages: 647
Cover: Hardcover
Dimensions (in inches): 7.7 x 10.43 x 1.6
ISBN: 9788968010262
Language: English,Korean
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Increased interest in North Korea has arisen due to both internal and external observations that the nation is undergoing fundamental changes. Currently, there seem to be more opportunities to get information, meaning that more perspectives on North Korean society and its transitions are now available. Amassing an impressive collection of raw data about North Korean cities, urban analyses in different scales and architectural typologies, this atlas attempts a broad reading of the transformations taking place with regard to growth, modernisation and future scenarios on the Korean peninsula. Richly illustrated, the research proposes more precise paths of urban development.

Depending on their viewpoint each researcher dealing with North Korean cities creates an image of them either consciously or unconsciously. Rainer Dormels' essay deals with the historical, natural spatial, functional spatial and socio-spatial factor of this image.

- Rainer Dormels, Prof.(University of Vienna)


00. North Korean Atlas_ Dongwoo Yim          7

01. Introductory Essays                             19

     Rainer Dormels

     Gianluca Spezza

     David Matthew

     Seoyoung Kim

02. Background Data                                  69                   

     Sangjun Lee

     Eunhee Cho

     Dongsei Kim

     02-1 Fact Sheets

     02-2 Geographical Facts

     02-3 Infrastructural Facts

     02-4 Industrial Geography

03. North Korean Cities                             191

     Dongwoo Yim

     03-1 Tables of North Korean Cities

     03-2 8 Major North Korean Cities

     03-3 19Supporting North Korean Cities

04. North Korean Typologies                     383

      Yunha Lee

      Dongwoo Yim

05. Future Scenarios                                 481

     Doojin Hwang

     Calvin Chua

     Rafael Luna

     Dongwoo Yim

     Chong Ho Park

     Yehre Suh

     Dongsei Kim

     Sungoo Yang

     Hye-Young Chung

     Sejin Rubella Jo & Soobin Lee

     Jungon Kim

      PRAUD (Dongwoo Yim + Rafael Luna)

INDEX                                                     644


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