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Cold Eyes, "Gamsijadeul", 감시자들
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 32,000
USD 24.47
Year: 2013
Director: Jo Eui Seok
Cast: Jung Woo Sung, Sol Kyung Gu, Han Hyo Ju
Region Code: 3
Subtitles: Korean, English
Running time: 118 min.
Rating: Over 15
No. of Disc: 2
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 Korea's remake of the 2007 Hong Kong police thriller Eye in the Sky, Cold Eyes transplants the intense battle of wits and surveillance to the streets of Seoul. Sol Kyung Gu and Jung Woo Sung step into the opposing roles originally played by Simon Yam and Tony Leung Ka Fai – a grisly surveillance unit leader and a coldly meticulous criminal mastermind. Also on the police surveillance team are Han Hyo Ju as the impulsive greenhorn and 2PM member Lee Jun Ho in his film debut. Co-directed by Jo Eui Seok (The World of Silence) and Kim Byung Seo, Cold Eyes is the rare remake that lives up to the original. The tense crime thriller stays true to the original's storyline while also setting itself apart in character and tone through strong performances, impeccable pacing and nerve-wracking chase scenes.

After taking an on-site test, Yoon Joo (Han Hyo Ju) becomes the newest member of the police surveillance unit led by veteran Detective Hwang (Sol Kyung Gu). Through tracking devices and good old legwork, the unit's task is to gather intel for other teams by finding, following and observing suspects, but never engaging. While Yoon Joo's taking her test, elsewhere in town a bank robbery occurs in broad daylight. The entire job is orchestrated down to the last second by the leader of the group, James (Jung Woo Sung), who observes from a nearby rooftop and allows no mistakes.

Detective Hwang and his team begin combing the area for the bank robbers, gradually narrowing the field and closing in on the suspects. James, however, catches scent of the police and stays one ruthless step ahead, escalating the cat-and-mouse game to life and death stakes.

** This edition comes with commentary, making-of, action and production design featurettes, deleted scenes, poster shooting and trailer. **


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