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Lee Seong-Gu Collection, "이성구 컬렉션"
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 52,100
USD 37.95
Year: 2014
Director: Lee Seong-Gu
Cast: Shin Sung Il, Heo Jang Kang, et al.
Region Code: 3
Subtitles: Korean, English, Japanese
Running time: 398 min.
Rating: Over 15
No. of Disc: 4
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 Released by the Korean Film Archive, this boxset contains four classic films from Lee Seong Gu, a prolific director in the sixties and seventies.

1. The Sun and the Moon (1967)
Considered an "unclean" profession during feudal times, butchers were among the lowest caste of Korean society and even after the end of the caste system, the class stigma remained for many years. In The Sun and the Moon, a young man falls into resentful despair over his family's butcher background. His father shares his experiences on overcoming class prejudice. Starring Shin Sung Il, Nam Jung Im, Moon Hee and Park Noh Sik.

2. When the Flower of Buckwheat Blossoms Out (1967)
In his youth, Heo once had a brief but impassioned relationship with a woman whom he has never been able to forget. One day, he meets a young man who is very similar to himself. From their conversation, Heo realizes that the man is actually his son. Starring Park Noh Sik, Kim Ji Mee, Kim Hee Kap and Heo Chang Kang.

3. The General's Mustache (1968)
Considered Lee Seong Gu's most representative feature and a groundbreaking work in Korean modernist cinema, The General's Moustache begins with the investigation into the mysterious death of a photographer. The film then works backward to gradually piece together the deceased protagonist's troubling story of alienation and disillusion. Starring Kim Seung Ho, Kim Seong Ok and Yoon Jeong Hee.

4. 7 People in the Cellar (1969)
Father An is locked in a church basement with North Korean soldiers hiding from the South Korean army. The North Korean soldiers want to use the minister as shield to escape. In this dangerous situation, Captain Choi manages to devise a strategy to save Father An and defeat the enemies. Starring Heo Chang Kang, Yoon Jeong Hee Kim Hye Jeong and Lee Soon Jae.


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