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Author: 연등회보존위원회
Publisher:  Bulkwang Publishing
Pub. Date: Jan 2016
Pages: 280
Dimensions (in inches): 4.9 x 8.3 x 0.1
ISBN: 9788974792947
Language: English
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A Festival of Lights: Where We Come to Shine 

1 Festival Begins in Light 
Opening of the Festival: Gwanghwamun Plaza Lighting Ceremony 
Blossoms of the Lotus Lantern Festival: Traditional Lanterns 
Traditional Lantern Exhibition 
Traditional Lanterns of the Past Recreated 

2 A Festival Where Participants Are the Heroes 
Eoullim Madang: A Place of Joy and Togetherness 
Lantern Parade: A River of Light 
Hoehyang Hanmadang(Post-Parade Celebration): 
Flower Petals from the Night Sky 

3 Festival of Joy and Laughter 
Traditional Cultural Events 
Lotus Lantern Making for Foreigners | Cultural Performances Madang 
Temple and Healing Madang | Gwanbul Ceremony | Traditions Madang 
Folk Games Madang | Food Madang | Sharing Madang・NGO Madang 
World Buddhism Madang | Yeondeung Nori: Final Celebration of the Lotus Lantern Festival 

Illuminating the World: A Light That Spreads Over the World 

1 Charm of the Lotus Lantern Festival 
Colors and Shapes: Visual Beauty of the Lotus Lantern Festival 
Experiencing Traditional Korean Culture through Buddhism 
Fun and Laughter: A Festival of Joy 
A Simple Joy of Experiencing and Making Your Own 
Singing and Dancing as One 
Lotus Lantern Festival 2013-2015: 
Testimonials of Participants and Volunteers 

The Light of 1,000 Years That Renews Itself: Meaning and Future of the Lotus Lantern Festival 
1 Origin of the Lotus Lantern Festival 
2 Meaning of the Lotus Lantern Festival 
3 Cultural Significance of the 
Lotus Lantern Festival and its Future 
History of the Lotus Lantern Festival in Pictures 1955~2015 
Lotus Lantern Festival Information 
How to Make a Lotus Lantern

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