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Sasang Constitutional Typology: A Beginner’s Guide to Sasang Constitutional Medicine
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 28,000
USD 20.85
Author: Lee Eui-ju, Lee Ji-won, Yoo Jung-hee
Publisher: Jimoondang
Pub. Date: Mar 2014
Pages: 251
Cover: Hardcover
Dimensions (in inches): 6.22 x 9.09 x 0.78
ISBN: 9788962971521
Language: English
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Chapter 1. Introduction to Sasang Constitutional Medicine
1. The Western countries in the late 18th century: the revolution in medicine
2. The Joseon dynasty in the 19th century: A time of famine, epidemics, and riots
3. Confucianist medical doctors
4. Lee Je-ma
5. Constitutional Medicine
6. The influences of 『Dongeui Bogam』
7. The characteristics of Sasang Constitutional Medicine
8. Constitutional Medicine of the past and present
9. Medicine that heals the mind

Chapter 2. Determining the constitutional type
1. Understanding constitution
2. Which constitutional type am I ?
3. What is the Taeyangin (Taeyang type) like ?
4. What is the Soyangin (Soyang type) like ?
5. What is the Taeeumin (Taeeum type) like ?
6. What is the Soeumin (Soeum type) like ?
Archives: Frequently asked questions and misunderstandings about constitutional type

Chapter 3. The healthy way to live for each type of constitution
1. Constitutional type and food
2. Eating habits
3. Ways of self-expression for each type of constitution
4. Image make-over
5. Dressing style
6. Marital life
7. Taking care in spring
8. Adequate spring food for each constitutional type
9. Surviving the summers
10. Constitutional type and sweating
11. Edible greenery
12. Taming of the mind (I): Psychological structures of the Sasangin
13. Taming of the mind (II): The vices
Archives: Knowing your own constitutional type can help you survive the summer

Chapter 4. Disease Management for Each Constitutional Type
1. Personal health care (I): Understanding “Principals of life preservation”
2. Personal health care (II): Understanding State of healthiness
3. Winter colds and the constitutional type
4. Overcoming fatigue
5. The war against obesity (I)
6. The war against obesity (II): Weight loss tips fordifferent constitutional types
7. Stroke
8. Lifestyle disease
9. Spicing up life for householders in their “prime”
10. Treatment of hepatic disease in Korean Medicine
11. Diabetes
12. Integrative medical check-up: Combining the wisdom of the West and East
Archives: Alcohol and constitutional type

Chapter 5. Health guidelines for children of different constitutional types
1. Raising children the ideal way compatible with their constitutional types
2. A weakly child
3. Constitutionally discriminated recipes
4. Summer health guidelines for children
5. Child growth for different constitutional types

Appendix 1. Constitutional self-diagnosis
Appendix 2. Beneficial foods for each constitutional type
Appendix 3. Constitutional diet plans for diabetics
Appendix 4. Beneficial herbal medicine for each constitutional type
Appendix 5. Standard Terminologies on Sasang Constitutional Medicine

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