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Traditional Holiday and Seasonal Korean Cuisine
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 28,000
USD 21.79
Author: Hong-Sook Sohn
Publisher: Gwan moon gak
Pub. Date: Jul 2015
Pages: 200
Dimensions (in inches): 7.4 x 9.2 x
ISBN: 9788970937762
Language: English
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PartⅠ Traditional Holiday and Seasonal Foods 
1. Seol eumsik / New year's day foods January 1st in lunar 
○Holiday food : Tdeog guk / Rice cake soup 
○Seasonal food : Mandu / Beef dumpling, Pyun yuk / Pressed and sliced beef, Jeon / Pan fried pancake, Hangwa / Traditional sweets, Shikhye / Sweet rice punch, Sujeonggwa / Sweet cinnamon punch 
2. Dae boreum eumsik / Full moon day foods January 15th in lunar 
○Holiday food : Ogok bap / Boiled rice with five grains, Yaksik / Sweet rice with nuts, Bokssam / Rice wrap, Booreom / Chewing raw chestnuts, Namul / Vegetable side dish, Guibalgi sul / Ear quickening rice wine 
3. Samgit-nal eumsik / Third day of March foods 
○Holiday food : Ae tang / Mugwort soup, Tang pyung chae / Mix lentil jelly, Ssukgulri / Mugwort rice cake, Jindalrae hwache / Azalea flower fruit juice 
4. Chopa-il eumsik / Buddha's birthday foodsApril 8th in lunar 
○Holiday food : Neuti tdeog / Zelkova leaf rice cake, Bokeun kong / Pan fried bean 
○Seasonal food : Minari ganghoi / Small roll boiled water dropwort, Pa ganghoi / Small roll boiled green onion 
5. Dano eumsik / May 5th foods in lunar 
○Holiday food : Soorichui julpyun / Soorichui rice cake, Engdu pyun / Cherry jelly 
6. Yoodu eumsik / June 15th foods in lunar 
○Holiday food : Soodan / Honey rice cake, Bori soodan / Barley dumpling covered with honey 
○Seasonal food : Pyunsu / Dumpling in a square shaped skin, Gujeolpan / Different food served in a nine sectional dish with a crepe in the middle 
7. Sambok eumsik / Summer foods 
○Holiday food : Yukgae jang / Chilli beef soup, Daegu tang / Cod stew, Samgye tang / Chicken soup with ginseng, Mineo tang / King fish soup, Imjasoo tang / Chicken soup cooled 
○Seasonal food : Chogye tang / Chicken soup with pine nuts, Jeung pyun / Leavened rice cake 
8. Chilsuk eumsik / July 7th foods in lunar 
○Holiday food : Miljun byung / Vegetable pancake, Kalguksu / Chopped noodle soup 
9. Chuseok eumsik / Thanksgiving foods August 15th in lunar 
○Holiday food : Songpyun / Rice cake, Toran guk / Dasheen soup, Dak jjim / Chicken casserole, Galbi jjim / Beef rib casserole, Bindae tdeog / Mung bean pancake, Hwayang jeog / Mixed beef vegetables with stick, Bae hwachae / Pear punch, Bae suk / Boiled pear syrup 
10. Jungu eumsik / Autumn foods September 9th in lunar 
○Holiday food : Gukhwa ju / Chrysanthemum wine, Gukhwa jeon / Chrysanthemum pancake 
11. Siwol eumsik / Dangoon day foods Octorber 3rd in lunar 
○Holiday food : Kosa tdeog / Rice cake 
○Seasonal food : Sinseolro / Pot dish made of beef, seafood and vegetables, Yeonpo tang / Chicken tofu soup, Gang jung / Fried sweet rice puff 
12. Dongji eumsik / Longest night food December 22nd 
○Holiday food : Paat juk / Red bean porridge 
13. Seoddal geumum eumsik / New year's eve holiday food 
○Holiday food : Bibimbap / Rice mixed with vegetables and meat 

PartⅡ One Dish Meals and Kimchi 
1. One dish meals 
Bulgogi / Pan broiled beef, Galbi gui / Pan broiled beef rib, Galbi tang / Soup boiled with beef sparerib, Jabchae / Stir fried vegetables and meat with Korean glass noodle, Naengmyun / Cold noodles in beef broth, Dwoenjang jjigae / Soybean paste stew, Miyuk guk / Beef seaweed soup 
2. Kimchi 
Baechu kimchi / Cabbage kimchi, Kgagdugi / Radish kimchi, Oi sobagi / Stuffed cucumber kimchi, Yulmu kimchi / Young radish kimchi, Chonggak kimchi / Small radish kimchi, Nabag kimchi / Water kimchi, Jahng kimchi / Soy sauce kimchi

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