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Author: Kwon Pil , Jo Wihan
Publisher: Gong&Park
Pub. Date: Jul 2023
Pages: 304
Dimensions (in inches): 5.51 x 8.26 x 0.91
ISBN: 9781635190564
Language: English
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〈Tale of Student Ju〉: A tragic love story between student Jusaeng and two women, set during the first Japanese invasion of Korea
This story depicts young love, in which “Jusaeng” gives his heart to “Seonhwa”, the sister of a student he was teaching, while also having affection for his hometown friend, “Baedo”. This work is particularly known for realistically depicting the conflict between social tiers, oppression during the first Japanese invasion and the emotions and reality of the youth during a time of global strife. Although the main characters are Chinese, “Tale of Student Ju” is considered a classic Korean novel as it was written by a Korean Joseon writer and shows the changing relationship between men and women during the Joseon period, which followed Confucian beliefs and ethics. Furthermore, as this classic novel contains a variety of thematic knowledge of the violently changing time period, it is considered a major classic novel to understand Korea during the 17th century.

〈Tale of Wi Gyeongcheon〉: A story of sad love and tragedy experienced by the young Wi Gyeongcheon, set during the first Japanese invasion of Korea
In this tragic love story, young Wi Gyeongcheon leaves his love and heads to the battlefield after the first Japanese invasion occurs. The story ends with the lovers being buried together by their parents after Wi Gyeongcheon dies and his lover commits suicide. Depicted is the tragic life of two lovers during a turbulent time in history, in which they could only be together after death. “Tale of Wi Gyeongcheon” was written by the same author as “Tale of Student Ju”, and both stories depict love and tragedy between Chinese characters, with a backdrop set during the first Japanese invasion of Korea.

〈Tale of Choe Cheok〉: A story of humanism through familial love, shown through the unfortunate lives of the Joseon people before and after the second Japanese invasion of Korea
“Unfortunate” is the only way to describe the life of the main character Choe Cheok. During the first Japanese invasion of Korea, he went to war and almost lost his fiancee, but managed to survive and get married. After the war breaks out again due to the second Japanese invasion of Korea, Choe Cheok’s wife is taken prisoner by Japanese soldiers and he has to leave his hometown. A few years later, Choe Cheok, now in China, is able to reunite with his wife after she came to China on a Japanese merchant ship. They are able to become a family again, but it is short-lived-Choe Cheok becomes a Ming soldier and is captured by Qing forces. Choe Cheok meets his eldest son there and is able to escape from the prison camp. The story ends with Choe Cheok returning to Korea after suffering many hardships, and living out the rest of his days happily with his family. As you can see from this summary, the reader is able to envision how war creates misery for the people of a powerless country through the lens of Choe Cheok’s life. “Tale of Choe Cheok” is a 17th century Korean classic that depicts the great love between humans during the horrors of war.

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