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Bi-lingual Edition Modern Korean Literature Set 7
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 150,000
USD 115.42
Author: Yi Sang et al
Publisher: ASIA
Pub. Date: Jan 2015
Pages: 2400
Cover: Paperback
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Bi-lingual Edition Modern Korean Literature SET 7


<백치가 식민지 지식인 Colonial Intellectuals Turned “Idiots”>

91 날개 – 이상

Wings - Yi Sang (124pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-068-6


92 김 강사와 T 교수 – 유진오

Lecturer Kim and Professor T - Chin-O Yu (132pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-069-3


93 소설가 구보씨의 일일 – 박태원 

A Day in the Life of Kubo the Novelist - Pak Taewon (220pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-070-9


94 비 오는 길 - 최명익

Walking in the Rain - Ch’oe Myǒngik (140pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-071-6


95 빛 속에 - 김사량

Into the Light - Kim Sa-ryang (156pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-072-3



<한국의 잃어버린 얼굴 Traditional Korea’s Lost Faces>

96 봄 ˙ 봄 - 김유정

Spring, Spring - Kim Yu-jeong (92pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-073-0


97 벙어리 삼룡이 - 나도향

Samnyong the Mute - Na Tohyang  (88pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-074-7


98 달밤 - 이태준

An Idiot’s Delight-Yi T'ae-jun (76pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-075-4


99 사랑손님과 어머니 – 주요섭

Mama and the Boarder-Chu Yo-sup (116pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-076-1


100 갯마을 – 오영수

Seaside Village - Oh Yeongsu (100pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-077-8


<해방 전후 Before and After Liberation>

101 소망 - 채만식

Juvesenility - Ch'ae Man-Sik (100pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-078-5


102 두 파산 - 염상섭

Two Bankruptcies - Yom Sang-Seop  (96pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-079-2


103 풀잎 – 이효석

Leaves of Grass - Lee Hyo-seok (144pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-080-8


104 맥 – 김남천

Barley - Kim Namch'on (196pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-081-5


105 꺼삐딴 리 – 전광용

Kapitan Ri - Chŏn Kwangyong (144pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-082-2


<전후 Korea After the Korean War>

106 소나기 - 황순원  

The Cloudburst - Hwang Sun-Won (88pages)  

ISBN 979-11-5662-083-9


107 등신불 - 김동리

Tŭngsin-bul - Kim Tong-ni (104pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-084-6


108 요한 시집 – 장용학

The Poetry of John - Chang Yong-hak (168pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-085-3


109 비 오는 날 – 손창섭

Rainy Days - Son Chang-sop (96pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-086-0


110 오발탄 – 이범선

A Stray Bullet - Lee Beomseon (148pages)

ISBN 979-11-5662-087-7

Aspirin, Adalin, aspirin, Adalin, Marx, Malthus, matroos, aspirin, Adalin...

For a month my wife had fed me Adalin, tricking me into thinking they were aspirin. The box of Adalin I found in her room was clear proof.

Why did she want me to sleep all the time?

While she had me asleep, what was she doing?

-Wings, Yi sang -

On the Streetcar

at first, Kubo, couldn’t find a seat. The last seat was taken by a young woman who had boarded just before him. He stands near the conductor’s seat and wonders where he should go. The streetcar is bound for Dongdaemun. At which stop might happiness await him?

-A Day in the Life of Kubo the Novelist, Pak Taewon

Suddenly a vision of his daughter Nami and his son Wŏnshik came to him. He clenched his fists tightly, and his face tensed momentarily as if he were on the brink of a seizure. Then an odd smile passed across his face.

Hmm. I’ve lived among those warty Japanese, made it out of the grasp of those brutish Russians, and now the Yankees—could they be much different? Revolutions may come and the nation change hands, but the way out has never been blocked for Yi Inguk. There used to be so many who seemed to outdo me from time to time. I’ve made it through, but what about them?

- Kapitan Ri- Chon Kwangyong -


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