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Yonsei Korean in 3 weeks 1
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 30,000
USD 22.64
Author: Korea Language Center of Yonsei University
Publisher: Yonsei University Press
Pub. Date: June 2013
Pages: 320
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 7.36 x 10.07 x 0.59
ISBN: 9788968500374
Language: Eng/Korean/Jap/Chi
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This new textbook is an integrated collection, made up of various kinds of tasks and activities as well as focused practices of vocabulary and grammar.
These practices enhance all of the four communicative skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
The interesting topics and situations discussed in the textbooks will enable learners to perform a wide range of communicative functions using the Korean language.
Having the highest reputation in the Korean language education for more than 50 years, the KLI has compiled a large quantity of textbooks to enhance the quality of the Korean Language Education.
Recently, the demand for the Korean language has been increased by foreigners around the world as well as Koreans living out of the nation.
For this reason, the demands of the learners for textbooks have also become diverse.
Therefore, the KLI has published a new set of textbooks for the various learners to acquire the Korean Language and Korean culture.

The textbooks published by the KLI are classified into three parts: 'Yonsei Korean 1' and 'Yonsei Korean 2' for beginners,
'Yonsei Korean 3' and 'Yonsei Korean 4' for intermediates, and finally 'Yonsei Korean 5' and 'Yonsei Korean 6' are for advanced learners.
Each book is composed to develop the communicative functions that are required according to the learners' capability of the Korean usage.
'' Dr. Choi, the Director of the Institute of Language Research and Education said “We strongly believe that the 'Yonsei Korean' would be very helpful
to all of the potential Korean learners hoping to master the Korean language, as well as those in the KLI.”

** Table of Contents

제1과 한글(1) 
제2과 한글(2) 
제3과 한글(3) 
제4과 제 이름은 유리예요 
제5과 어느 나라 사람이에요? 
제6과 이것이 마이클 씨 책이에요? 
제7과 일본 사람도 있어요 
제8과 동생은 무엇을 해요? 
제9과 경치가 아름다워요 
제10과 불고기를 먹을까요? 
제11과 불고기 이 인분하고 냉면 주세요 
제12과 세 시부터 다섯 시까지 운동을 해요 
제13과 토요일에 무엇을 하고 싶어요? 
제14과 동대문시장에 가요 
제15과 한 개에 만 원이에요


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