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Korean Heritage Language Maintenance, Learning and Development
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 33,000
USD 24.04
Author: Seong-Chul Shin
Pub. Date: Jun 2019
Pages: 360
Dimensions (in inches): 5.98 x 8.8 x 1.18
ISBN: 9791186453742
Language: English
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This book, Korean Heritage Language Maintenance, Learning and Development: Australian Practices and Perspectives, examines Australian practices and perspectives of Korean Heritage Language (KHL) on various topics, including research practices, language acquisition and bilingual competence, language shift and maintenance, language use, KHL maintenance, language resources and parental attitudes, needs analysis for KHL learning, ethnic identity and proficiency, KHL learner errors, and bilingual practices in the Korean communities. It provides clues to a better understanding of the Korean community's sociolinguistic profile such as how the language has been maintained and developed and how the cultural identity and attitudes have been formed.
With a thoughtful choice of the research topics relating to Korean as a heritage language, as well as appropriate methodological approaches and highly topical and significant results, Korean Heritage Language Maintenance, Learning and Development: Australian Practices and Perspectives is an ideal resource for researchers and postgraduate students working on heritage language learners and learning. This book is also a useful and insightful reference for anyone - education systems, program authorities, schools, teachers, community, parents and students- who is interested in the teaching and learning of Korean as a heritage language.

Foreword - Book Review
Editor's Preface
Chapter 1: Research on heritage language development and maintenance of Korean
Chapter 2: Heritage language acquisition and bilingual competence: The case of Korean heritage speakers in Australia
Chapter 3: Language shift and maintenance in the Korean community
Chapter 4: Korean heritage children's language use and maintenance
Chapter 5: Heritage language maintenance: Actors and their roles in Australian contexts
Chapter 6: Parental attitudes towards heritage language resources in the Australian Korean community
Chapter 7: Korean heritage language learning: Needs analysis
Chapter 8: Korean heritage speakers' ethnic identity and L1 proficiency: A study of Korean-Australians
Chapter 9: Characteristic Features of Korean heritage learner orthographic errors
Chapter 10: Characteristic Features of Korean heritage learner lexical errors
Chapter 11: Characteristic Features of Korean heritage learner grammatical errors
Chapter 12: Change of urban spaces and bi-/multilingual practices in the Korean communities
Summary in Korean
Index of key words and terms


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