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Transformation of Modern Korean Sport: Imperialism, Nationalism, Globalization
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Author: Gwang Ok
Publisher: Hollym
Pub. Date: Oct 2007
Pages: 415
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 5.9 x 8.85 x 0.87
ISBN: 9781565912519
Language: English
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Sport in Korea is closely linked with national identity. The International Global sporting community recognizes the Korean success over the last two decades in hosting the 1988 Seoul Olympics and the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. Its evolution in Korean modern society has been a significant story in its cultural transition. Studies of Korean modern sport, nevertheless, still remain neglected to the extent of its relevance to the ideological perspectives. Scholars have searched for reasons for the Korean success by analyzing its history, society and culture. This study is intended to search for the significant role of sport in Korea….A major concern of this study is to argue that the development of Korean sport has been used as a mechanism of promoting and supporting, cultural exchange between the West and the East, political and ideological advancement, the re-visioning of traditional values, and economical and social transformations….This study also argues that the evolution of Korean sport has been the product of cultural diffusion, national assimilation and imperial resistance. In particular the Western introduction of modern sport is explored with regards to missionary work. A thorough investigation is extensively paid attention to the Japanese adoption of sport as a means of promoting policies for colonization, imperial expansion and social control. The role of sport as an internal reaction to these external threats is a significant finding. It will conclude that sport has been both a product and a mechanism to continue and change the society with emphasis on cultural diffusion, national assimilation and independent assertion in modern Korean cultural society.




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Prologue: The Transformation of Modern Korean Sport: Imperialism, Nationalism, Globalization

Chapter 1: Imperalism and Nationalism in the Nineteenth Centuray Korea

Chapter 2: Adoption of Western Culture and Change in the Nineteenth Century Korea

Chapter 3: The Foundations of Nationalism and Sport in Modern Korea

Chapter 4: Japanese Colonial Policy and Korean Imperial Resistance, 1910-1919

Chapter 5: The Development of a National Ideology in Modern Sport after the Independence Movement, 1920-1937

Chapter 6: Militarism and Sport, 1938-1945

Chapter 7: Independence and Modern Transfromation: Politics, Modernization and  Sport, 1945-1992

Eplilogue: The Transformation of Modern Korean Sport : Imperialism, Nationalism, Globalization - Final Overveiw



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