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The Spirit of Korean Cultural Roots 27: Traditional Korean Painting
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 15,000
USD 11.62
Author: Hong Sun-pyo
Publisher: Ewha Womans University Press
Pub. Date: Mar 2011
Pages: 180
Cover: Hardcover
Dimensions (in inches): 7.17 x 5.12 x 0.51
ISBN: 9788973008681
Language: English
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I. Prehistoric Painting 
Petroglyphs, the Origin of Korean Painting 
Craft Designs of the Bronze Age 

II. Painting of the Three Kingdoms Period 
Goguryeo Tomb Murals: Changes and Implications 
Painting of the Unified Silla Period 

III. Painting of the Goryeo Period 
The Characteristics of Goryeo Buddhist Painting 
The Emergence of Painting for Appreciation 
New Trends after the Mid-Goryeo Period 

IV. Painting of the First Half of the Joseon Dynasty 
Literati View of Painting and the Establishment of Painting and Calligraphy 
as a Hobby 
Classical Landscapes and Realistic Landscapes 
New Developments in Portraiture 
The Popularity of Bird-and-Flower Painting 

V. Painting of the Latter Half of the Joseon Dynasty 
The Appreciation of Art and Changing Attitudes toward the Production and Consumption of Painting 
The Introduction and Development of New Techniques 
The Rise of True-View Landscapes 
The Development of Genre Painting 
Types and Characteristics of Decorative Court Painting 
The Mood of Good Fortune and Extravagance: Boom in Folk Painting 
New Tastes in Flower Painting 

VI. Traditional Painting in the Modern Era 
The Dominance of the Owon Style 
The Birth of “Eastern Painting” 
The Revival of “Korean Painting”

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