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Shamanic Worlds of Korea and Northeast Asia
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 38,000
USD 29.26
Author: Daniel A. Kister
Publisher: Jimoondang
Pub. Date: Sep. 2010
Pages: 324
Cover: Hardcover
Dimensions (in inches): 9.25 x 6.4 x 1.5
ISBN: 9788962970197
Language: English
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Foreword: Exploring Korean Shaman Rituals 

Part One: Analytical Approaches to Shamanic Rituals 

Chapter One: A Korean Mudang's Gifts for her People 
Gift of the Mudang's Life 
Family Healing and Wholeness 
Harmony with Village Gods 
Death's Peace, Beauty, and Fulfillment 

Chapter Two: Dramatic Make-up and Gut Worlds 
Spirit Drama 
Gut Wonder 
Dramatic Movement 
Spatial Poetry and Poetic Tension 
Comic Play and Woe 
Dramatic Unity 

Chapter Three: Shamanic Worlds of Korea and Northeast China 
Manchu Worlds and Gut Worlds 
Han Banner Spectacle and Dramatic Gut Interaction 
The Sacred Ecology of an Oroqen Rite 

Chapter Four: Shamanic Worlds of Korea and Southwest China 
Bringing Gut Worlds to Life 
Qiang and Korean Rites 
A Sacrificial Naxi Rite 
A Stillborn Yi Family Rite 
Yi and Korean Family Rites 
A Symbolic Han Rite 

Chapter Five: A Jeju Family Rite 
Day One: Setting the Mythic Stage and Insuring Children's Well-being 
Day Two: Soul Retrieval and Cleansing the Path for the Dead 
Day Three: Renewed Healing and Dispelling Evil 

Part Two: Analytical Perspectives on Shamanic Rituals 

Chapter Six: The Healing Dynamics of Korean, Chinese, and Siberian Rites 
The Healing Agents of Jeju and Khakassian Rites 
Yi Healing; Experiential and Ritualistic 
Psycho-dramatic Healing in Seoul Gut 

Chapter Seven: Korean, Naxi, and Yi Worlds of Evil 
Gut Pollution and Han 
Pestilence in Naxi Spirit Winds 
Infectious Spirit Curses in Yi Society 

Chapter Eight: The Gut Experience and the ChristianExperience 
Word, Sign, and Theological Aesthetics in Village Gut 
Word, Sign, and Theological Dramatics in Family Gut 
The Drama of a Mudang's Call 
Faces of Divine Presence 
Ambiguities of Evil 

Chapter Nine: Sacred Ecologies of Siberia and Korea 
Tri-polar World of a Mongol Buryat Initiation Rite 
The Sacred Presence of Lake Baikal 
A Tuvan Rite at a Sacred Natural Site 
Improvised Spirit World of a Khakassian Rite 
Gut Ecology and the Rhythms of Family Life 

Chapter Ten: Gut and Avant-garde Theater 
Mythic Motifs in an Absurdist Play 
Existential Similarities and Dissimilarities, Gut and Absurdist Plays 
Symbolic Affinities, Death Gut and an Absurdist Play 
Dramatic Affinities, Gut and Avant-garde Plays 

Epilogue: Researching the Dramatic Power of Shamanic Rites 

Comparative Analysis and Evaluation 
Comparative Symbolism 
Dramatic Analysis 
Author's Previously Published Works Revised for this Volume 
Bibliography of Works Cited 

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