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River of Faith
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 22,000
USD 16.08
Author: Chang Hyun Shin Geer
Publisher: Ewha Womans University
Pub. Date: Sept. 2012
Pages: 240
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 8.86 x 6.10 x 0.55
ISBN: 9788973009572
Language: Korean
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Part 1 Woman’s Work for Woman 
Education for Girls and Women in Korea 
Historical Context Surrounding Ewha in the Early 20th Century 
Launching a New Campus: The Audacity of Alice R. Appenzeller 
The Pfeiffer Endowment 
“The Only College for Women in Korea Needs Your Help”: Helen K. Kim 
Ewha’s 50th Anniversary Celebration - River of Faith: 1936 

Part 2 Establishing Global Networks: 1936-1967 
Ewha Cooperative Board in North America 
An Evolving Partnership: 1930s 
Ewha Transitions and Grows: Post World War II 
Sustaining the Challenges: 1951-1961 
“The Best is Yet to Be”: 1961 and Beyond 
Shaping Ewha’s Future as a Global University: 1966 and Onward 

Part 3 A New Era, “The Sweet Fragrance of Knowledge” 
Ewha Decade Development Committee: 1966-1971 
Ewha Womans University Development Committee: 1967-1969 
The Emerging International Foundation for Ewha Womans University: 1969-1970 
“Win a Friend for Ewha.” ... “Right Here and Now.” 

Part 4 The International Foundation for Ewha Womans University 
The Inaugural Meeting of the International Foundation: 1970 
The International Foundation Comes into Being 
“There Must Be a Way to Let the Splendor Out” 
The Seabury Foundation 
Moving Forward: 1979-1990 

Part 5 New Frontiers and the Centennial Celebration: 1981-1989 
The Foundation Helps Our Ewha to Become a Mecca of Learning 
Laying Systematic Networking 
Dedication of Dr. Kilchai K. Yim to Partner with Alumnae Groups 
Fundraising for the Centennial Memorial Library: 1982-1986 
Into Ewha’s Second Century: 1987-1989 
The Ewha Centennial Afterglow 

Part 6 The New Era Growing with Hope and Faith: 1980-1995 
Increasing Constituencies for the Foundation 
“Putting Our Feet Forward on Education”: 1989-1995 
In Celebration of the Foundation’s First Twenty Years: 1989 
Dedication at its Finest 
Growing Alumnae Participation Brings Change: 1990 and Beyond 
Marking the 25th Anniversary of the Foundation: 1995 
Mokdong Hospital Building: “Love and Devotion in Ewha Consciousness” 

Part 7 Service and Progress 
Shaping International Exchange Programs 
Moving into the New Millennium: 1996-2000 
Finance Investments: 1971-2009 

Part 8 Making a Difference for Ewha Students 
Scholarship Disbursement 
Celebrating Thirty Years of the International Foundation: 1999 

Part 9 Launching the 21st Century 
“Remembering the Past ... Imagine for the Future” 
Revering Ewha in a Personal Way 
The Foundation Imagines for the Future 
Student Appreciation of Foundation Scholarships 
International Foundation Biennial Fundraisers: 2003-2009 

Part 10 Ensuring Partnerships in the 21st Century 
Abiding Commitment for Partnership 
Advancing the Role of Women in Medicine in the Global Society 
Alumnae’s Expanding Role in Fundraising 
Spreading the Spirit of Ewha 
“Gates Are Open to the New World” 
Meeting Financial Challenges 
Honoring the Past: The Foundation’s 40th Anniversary Celebration 
The Future Outlook 

Part 11 Moving Forward 
Establishing the Foundation: University Partnership 
Helping in Shaping the Future of Ewha 
Strengthening the Partnership with Ewha Alumnae 
Seeking the New Vision 

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