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The Korea Story : President Park Jung-hee's Leadership and the Korean Industrial Revolution
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 120,000
USD 94.24
Author: O Won-chol
Publisher: Wisdom Tree
Pub. Date: Agu. 2009
Pages: 800
Cover: Hardcover
Dimensions (in inches): 7.4 x 5.12 x 0.71
ISBN: 9788996071549
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Section I Park Jung-hee's Administrative Style and the Korean Industrial Revolution 
Chapter 1 President Park's Stages for the Implementation of Projects 
Chapter 2 Korea's Industrial Revolution and the Korean Economic Development Model 

Section II Modernization of the Fatherland 
Chapter 1 The poorest country in the world 
Chapter 2 The Miracle on the Han 
Chapter 3 National Security 
Chapter 4 Implementation of the Defense Industry 
Chapter 5 Mr. O! What industry should we develop to reach the 10 billion dollars in export mark? 
Chapter 6 Heavy & chemical industrialization and the outlook for the 1980s 
Chapter 7 Reorganization of the Industrial Structure 
Chapter 8 Three Special Presidential Proclamations 
Chapter 9 Resolution to Implement the Heavy & Chemical Industry 
Chapter 10 The Energy Crisis and Korea's Gaining of Access to the Middle East 

Section III Economic Policy during the 1970s and Assessment of the Modemization Drive 
Chapter 1 Economic policy during the 1970s 
Cha...pter 2 Assessment of the Modernization Drive 

Section IV The People of Korea: On the Frontlines of the Economic War 
Chapter 1 Borigogae and female laborers 
Chapter 2 Male Laborers 
Chapter 3 Public Life during the 1960s-1970s: Vicious cycle involving the price of rice and labor wages

Section V Reorganization of the National Land Structure for the 2000s 
Chapter 1 Outlook for the 2000s 
Chapter 2 Avoiding Mistakes that will have a Negative Impact on our History 
Chapter 3 Seeing 1,000 years into the future 
Chapter 4 The Labor Force and the People's Value System 

Section VI President Park's Great Plan: Establishment of the World's Biggest Industrial Base in Karorim Bay 
Chapter 1 Quarrels over the 'Heavy & Chemical Industrialization' Policy 
Chapter 2 The Emergence of the Financial Crisis of 1997 and Korea's Road to Recovery 
Chapter 3 The Great Karorim Bay Project 

A few parting words regarding [The Korea Story: President Park Jung-hee's Leadership and the Korean Industrial Revolution] 

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