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Bioethics: Research Ethics and Regulation
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 12,000
USD 9.64
Author: Un-jong Pak
Publisher: Seoul National University Press
Pub. Date: May. 2005
Pages: 292
Cover: Hardcover
Dimensions (in inches): 9.09 x 6.22 x 0.86
ISBN: 9788952105943
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CHAPTER 1  Life, Science and Justice 
I. Introduction 
II. Changes Wrought by the Latest Advancements in Bioscience 
III. The Diverse Issues Surrounding Biotechnology 
IV. For Life Justice 

CHAPTER 2  Biotechnology and Research Ethics 
I. Change in the Meaning of Scientific Research Activities 
II. The Limitation of the Freedom of Scientific Research 
III. The Necessity of Establishing Research Ethics 

CHAPTER 3  Social, Ethical, and Legal Issues Arising From the Development of the Latest Medical Technology  
I. Introduction 
II. Social, Ethical, and Legal Issues Arising from the Development of the LatestMedical Technology 
III. How justified is the intervention of law? 
IV. Predictive law to cope with predictive medicine 

CHAPTER 4  The Patient-Physician Relationship and Communicative Ethics  
I. Introduction 
II. The Patient-Physician Relationship 
III. The Necessity of Communicative Ethics 

CHAPTER 5  The Objectives and Activities of the Ethics Committee on Stem Cell Research 
I. Introduction 
II. The Objectives and Activities of the Ethics Committee 
III. Why an Ethics Committee? 

CHAPTER 6  Guidelines for the Ethical Review of Stem Cell Research 
I. Introduction 
II. Basic Principles and Directions for the Ethical Review of Stem Cell Research 
III. The Stem Cell Research Center Ethics Committee Guidelines for Review of Research Proposals 

CHAPTER 7  Bioethics and Legislative Policy 
I. Introduction 
II. Bioethics and the Role of Law 
III. The Role of the Ethics Committee 
IV. The Development of Biotechnology and Reasonable Legal Policy 
V. Some Points of Legislative Dispute on Bioethical Problems 

CHAPTER 8  Legislative Progress on Bioethics and Safety in Korea 
I. Introduction 
II. Legislative Progress on Bioethics and Safety 
III. The Bioethics and Safety Act 
IV. Main Issues and Problems Surrounding the Bioethics and Safety Act 

CHAPTER 9  The International Trend in the Regulation of Research on Reproductive and Therapeutic Cloning  
I. Introduction 
II. Legislation of International Organizations 
III. National Legislation 
IV. Legislationin Major Regional Intergovernmental Organizations 

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