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Environmental Movements in Korea: A Sourcebook
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 20,000
USD 14.97
Author: Sun-Jin Yun , Riley E. Dunlap
Publisher: AKS
Pub. Date: Apr 2017
Pages: 548
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 5.8 x 9.8 x 1
ISBN: 9791158661694
Language: English
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Chapter 1. Industrial Pollution
1.1 Onsan Sickness
1.2 Sangbong-dong Pneumoconiosis Incident
1.3 Mun Song-myun Mercury Poisoning Incident
1.4 The Wonjin Rayon Incident
1.5 Nakdong River Phenol Leak Incident
1.6 Samsung Leukemia

Chapter 2 Major National Projects
2.1 History of the Saemangeum Environmental Movement
2.2 Protest Against Dong-Gang Dam Construction Plans
2.3 Cheonseong Mountain High-speed Train Construction Opposition Movement
2.4 Four Major Rivers Project Opposition Movement

Chapter 3 Nuclear-related Incidents
3.1 Environmental Movement Related to Nuclear Waste Disposal Facility
3.2 The Environmental Movement concerning Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal
3.3 The Construction of High-Voltage Power Lines in Miryang
3.4 The Selection of Sites for New Nuclear Power Plants
3.5 Trends in the Anti-nuclear Movement after the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Incident

Chapter 4 Climate Change and the Energy Transition Movement
4.1 Climate Change in General
4.2 Low Carbon, Green Growth
4.3 Mid-Term National Goals for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions Established
4.4 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme
4.5 Cooperation Charge System on Low-Carbon Vehicles
4.6 The Movement to Enact a Climate Change Law (Big Ask Movement)
4.7 Energy Transition Movement
4.8 Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and Feed-in-Tarriff (FIT)
4.9 Energy Transition by Local Autonomous Organizations

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