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Korean Philosophy :Sources and Interpretations
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 57,000
USD 41.65
Author: Yoon Sa-soon
Publisher: Korea press
Pub. Date: Oct 2015
Pages: 804
Dimensions (in inches): 6 x 8.7 x
ISBN: 9788976418906
Language: English
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Part 1. Korean Traditional Thoughts
1. Myths
2. Rituals Invoking Heaven
3. Shamanism
4. Poongryudo(

Part 2. The Buddhist Thought of Korea
1. The Introduction of Buddhism into Korea
2. The Development of Yogacara in Silla
3. The Mahayana Sraddhotpada Sastra of Silla
4. The Avatamsaka School(
華嚴學) of Silla
5. The Yog?c?ra and Avata?saka Schools in Unified Silla
6. The Development of Cheontae School in Goryeo
7. The Formation and Development of Goryeo Seon-Buddhism
8. Views on the Defence of Buddhism and the Three Religions in the Early Period of the Joseon Dynasty
9. The Debates on the Three Kinds of Seon at the End of the Joseon Dynasty

Part 3. Taoism in Korea
1. Introduction of Taoism
2. Zhai-jiaos and Taoism
3. The Development of Taoism
4. The Ebbs and Flows of Ritual Taoism
5. Development of Training Taoism
6. Taoism from the Perspective of Confucianists during the Joseon Dynasty

Part 4. Neo-Confucian Thought in Korea
1. The Introduction and Development of Confucianism in Korea
2. The Introduction of Neo-Confucianism and the Rejection of Buddhism
3. The Establishment of the Neo-Confucian Social Order
4. Neo-Confucian Practice and Theoretical Division
5. Yi Hwang and the Controversy on Four-Seven
6. Yi I and the Debate on Human Mind and Moral Mind
7. Elaboration of the Study of Propriety
8. The Confrontation and Eclecticism of the Toegye School and the Yulgok School
9. The Debate on Man
s Nature and Things
10. The Rise of New Ideas in Classical Studies
11. The Dogmatic Conservatism and Frustration of Neo-Confucianism in the Late Period of Joseon

Part 5. The Practical Learning and Modern Thought of Korea
1. Reflection on Ch
s School of Thought
2. The Formation and Division of the Seongho School
3. Northern Learning and a New View of the World
4. Jeong Yak-yong and the Compilation of Sirhak
s Doctrines
5. The Practical Characteristics of Choe Han-gi
s Gihak
6. The Rise of Enlightenment Thought
7. The Foundation of New Religions
8. Some Attempts to Renovate Confucianism

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