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Author: Song Ho-geun
Publisher: Nanam
Pub. Date: Apr 2016
Pages: 416
Dimensions (in inches): 6 x 8.8 x 1.18
ISBN: 9788930088480
Language: English
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*Preface: How Did the Modern Korean Emerge? 5 

CHAPTER 1 The Evolution of the People and the Hangeul Discourse 19 
Introduction 19 
The People as Newborn Children 24 
The ‘New People’ of the Enlightenment Period 36 
The Evolution of the People: Three Mechanisms 45 
The Formation of a Hangeul Discourse 59 
Conclusion 71 

CHAPTER 2 The Literate People and the Hangeul Social Imaginary 73 
The Philosophy and Politics of Hunminjeongeum 73 
The Formation of The Literate People 81 
The Hangeul Social Imaginary 87 

CHAPTER 3 The Joseon Governmental Structure and the Hangeul Discourse 107 
The Tripartite Organization of the Governmental Structure 107 
The Significance of the Hangeul Discourse 118 

CHAPTER 4 The Differentiation of the Knowledge State and the Advent of Modernity: The Joseon Sattelzeit 131 
The Sattelzeit 132 
A New Age and the Notion of Heaven 138 
The Separation of Mun 147 
The Differentiation of Mun 158 
The Emergence of the Literate People and the Individual 180 

CHAPTER 5 The Mode of Transition to Modernity 195 
The Origin of Modernity 195 
The Dilemma of a Layered Collision 219 
Joseon’s Mode of Transition to the Modern Era 225 

CHAPTER 6 The Age of Designation: The State and Society 255 
The Inception of the Intellectual Public Sphere 255 
Nation-State Making 267 
The Emergence of Society 288 

CHAPTER 7 Obstructed Path: Citizens in a Cave 327 
The Discovery of the Self 327 
The Age of Consonance 338 
Obstructed Path: Citizens in a Cave 365 

*Reference 379 
*Appendix 403 
*About the Author 413

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