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계간 아시아 38호 (2015 가을호)
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Publisher: 아시아 편집부
Pub. Date: Sep 2015
Pages: 360
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Reading Asia Through the Eyes of Asia

ASIA: A Magazine of Asian Literature, the first quarterly literary magazine featuring literatures and articles by pan-Asian writers and thinkers, is the leading regional forum for the creation and exchange of public discourses among Asians. Since its publication in summer 2006, ASIA’s aim has consistently been to foster inter-Asian dialogues and discussion and to become the rain forest of literary imagination, teeming with explosive energies, where people of all Asian countries exchange their viewpoints on literature, art and society and share them with citizens of the other parts of the world. ASIA presents various perspectives on pressing Asian and global issues, often featuring alternative voices rarely heard through the mainstream Western media and publishing world and is a place in which Asians read Asia through Asian eyes. ASIA offers a space in which cultural diversity in Asia is respected and united in equality and solidarity. (Subscription:









Editor’s Corner Autumn Frost: A Wake-Up Call

Jung Eun-kyoung


Special Focus: HarbinⅡ


The Old Street

Park Young-hee


The 2nd Sim Hoon Grand Prize Winner


An Obligation Carried On My Head

Ko Un


ASIA’s Author Ch’oe Yun


When, Where, Who and How to Write?

Ch’oe Yun


K-Fiction Chang Kangmyoung



Chang Kangmyoung


Writer’s Note

Chang Kangmyoung


Superior and Subordinate: A Sense of Ethics

Jung Eun-kyoung




A Stroll and more

Lee Kyeong-lim


If You Think This is a Poem and more

Hwang In-chan


ASIA’s Poetry India


Gone Away and more

Dom Moraes|India


Dom Moraes and India

Sohn Suk-joo


ASIA’s Fiction


The Person Who Has Never Seen a Bird



The Desert Torso

Kamila Shamsie|Cambodia


Life at Will

Ngyuen Ngoc Tu|Vietnam


A Hundred Japans


Yokai-Watch, Specters and Myth

Kim Eung-kyo


Book Reviews


Dignified and Low Voice: Wang Anyi, Fu ping

Park Hye-ji


On Reading Hwang Jung-eun’s Kong’s Garden: Hwang Jung-eun, Kong’s Garden

Timothy Holm|Canada


Asia Correspondence


Sorrows of Goryeoin Literature

Choi Seok


Five Nights and Six Days Delivered From This World of Competition

Lee Kyung-jae



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