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Insight into Korea Series Vol. 5: Korean Wave
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 20,000
USD 15.71
Author: Edited by The Korea Herald
Publisher: Jimoondang
Pub. Date: Sep. 2008
Pages: 336
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 8.86 x 6.69 x 0.59
ISBN: 9788988095843
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Korean Wave is intended to offer a firsthand account of the amazing spread of Korean popular culture to Asian countries and beyond. For this, the book relies on a group of foreign journalists and scholars who each wrote an essay on the Korean pop‐culture fever in their own countries. They show that, although the Korean Wave has weakened in some parts of Asia, it will never die out because Korean popular culture has embedded itself into everyday life in many Asian countries. Korean Wave is meant to contribute to the fostering of an Asian cultural community. Korean dramas, movies, music, fashion and food have enabled people from different Asian countries to share a common cultural experience, catalyzing the potential emergence of a single Asian identity. It is hoped that this book strengthens that identity, creating a fertile ground for the evolution of the Korean Wave into an Asian Wave. 


Why are Asians attracted to Korean pop culture?

1. Korean Wave in Asia and Beyond
'Koreanovelas' fever is sweeping the Philippines
Tasting the mirage-like Korean Wave
Thailand's teen troops welcome K-pop idols
The Korean Wave 'will never die' in Vietnam
'Delicious' boys lead Hallyu in Indonesia
Korean culture is part of Hong Kong life
Malaysia's love affair with Korean TV dramas
Korean dramas carve a niche in Japan
Pop culture bridges Korea and Singapore
China's first taste of the Korean Wave
The Korean Wave fascinates Mongolians
The Korean Wave: Shining star or black hole?
The Korean Wave brings drama to the Nile Delta
The Korean Wave spreads to Iran
Whetting U.S. appetite for Korean TV dramas
The Korean Wave: A view from America's shores
The Korean Wave: A washout on Australian shores
The Korean Wave arrives in Latin America
Hallyu in Argentina: Weak today, stronger tomorrow?
Spain discovers Korea and cries out for more
No Wave, just a Korean breeze in Poland

2. The Future of the Korean Wave
The Korean Wave and Korean-Americans
Korean pop culture's growing challenges
Identity politics of contemporary Korean cinema
Hallyu: The Koreanization of world culture
The Korean Wave needs new strategies to solidify position in Asia

3. Key Players of the Korean Wave
Bae Yong-joon: The image of Korea
Rain seeks to make his name in Hollywood
Musicals will become a part of Hallyu
Ryu Si-won: It's all about adapting to Japan
Producer believes in the power of good storytelling
First-generation Hallyu star continues to shine
The Korean Wave in trouble?
Hallyu's ebbing tide slows film industry
Hallyu icon Park Yong-ha basks in newfound stardom
Hallyu star carries torch for next generation

Hallyu helps Korea polish national image


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