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Insight into Korea Series Vol. 3: Political Change in Korea
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 20,000
USD 15.71
Author: The Korea Herald, The Korean Political Science Association
Publisher: Jimoondang
Pub. Date: Aug. 2008
Pages: 340
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 8.86 x 6.69 x 0.63
ISBN: 9788988095386
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Political Change in Korea is intended to help readers better understand the tremendous changes that have reshaped the Korean political landscape since June 1987. The civilian uprising that took place 21 years ago today set in motion a democratization process that has transformed Korea from authoritarianism to a liberal democracy. Korea’s transition to a vibrant democracy has been hailed by many foreign analysts. They regard Korea as a model, for it has achieved the twin goals of democratic development and rapid economic growth. But many analysts also note that Koreas political development lags behind its economic development. Some describe Korea as a country with a First World economy and Third World politics. A Korean business tycoon once rated Korea as second class in economic prowess, third class in government efficiency and fourth class in political performance. 


The forces that drove Korea toward democracy

Political Culture
․Toward a ‘balanced democracy’ in Korea
․Corrupt political culture erodes national competitiveness
․The constitutional soul of Korea’s democracy
․The ideological orientations of Korean voters
․Political apathy and electoral politics in Korea
․Women’s participation in politics

․The dynamics of party politics in Korea
․Reform of political parties
․Regionalism still holds sway
․A turn to the right and political realignment
․Long road ahead for progressives in Korea
․Problems with state subsidies for political parties
․Changes in party-government relations
․Blind loyalty dictates voters’ party support
․The ideological affiliations of political parties

Election Culture
․A plan of action to increase voter turnout
․Negative campaigns are fruitless
․Balancing transparency and reality in campaign funding
․Electoral systems in Korea
․Political participation in the internet era

․The strengths and weaknesses of government system in Korea
․Controversy over presidential term
․Creating balanced president-Assembly relations

National Assembly
․Changing patterns of lawmaking in Korea
․Long road to representation in the Assembly
․Causes and consequences of deadlock in the Assembly
․Addressing the limits of parliamentary democracy
․Abortive experiments in Korean corporatism

Other Institutions
․The press: A politician’s fair-weather friend
․The Constitutional Court: Political or legal?
․NGOs: A powerful force for political reform
․Interest groups and politics in 21st century
․How far has Korea advanced in local autonomy?

․Korea on path to mature liberal democracy


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