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An Ally and Empire: Two Myths of South Korea-United States Relations, 1945-1980
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 25,000
USD 19.42
Author: Park Tae Gyun
Publisher: The Academy of Korean Studies Press
Pub. Date: Jan. 2013
Pages: 416
Cover: Paperback
Dimensions (in inches): 6.10 x 9.21 x 1.22
ISBN: 9788971058992
Language: English
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1. Worries of the American Ambassador
2. “Special” Relationship between South Korea and the United States
3. Why Is the US-South Korea Relationship Special?
4. Are South Korea and the United States Allies?
5. How This Book Has Been Written

Chapter One: The Beginning of US-Korea Relations
1. The United States in Korean Eyes, Korea in American Eyes
2. The United States’ Reason for Trusteeship
3. Reorganizing Korean Political Forces 1: Let’s Strengthen the Conservatives
4. America’s Dilemma: Policy Change due to Anti-Trusteeship Demonstrations
5. Reorganizing Korean Political Forces 2: Let’s Weaken the Leftists

Chapter Two: Not Giving Up the Korean Peninsula
1. Why Did the United States Forces Withdraw?
2. Massive Aid
3. Economic and Psychological Containment?he Starting Point for Korea Policy
4. The Reason Why ECA Aid Failed

Chapter Three: The Korean War and the 1950s
1. Jumping into the War
2. The Plan to Remove Syngman Rhee and the Plan EVERREADY
3. Changes in US Korea Policy through the New Look

Chapter Four: The Military Government and the United States
1. Background to Changes in US Korea Policy: Walt Whitman Rostow
2. The May 16 Coup d’Etat and the United States
3. Taming of the Coup d’Etat Forces and Park Chung Hee’s Tug Tof War

Chapter Five: Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea and the Plan to Remove Kim Jongpil
1. Possibilities of Another Coup
2. How Should the Situation Be Resolved?
3. The Removal of Kim Jongpil

Chapter Six: Tug gof War between the United States and South Korea over the Dispatch of South Korean Troops to Vietnam
1. Crisis of the Park Chung Hee Government and the Offer to Dispatch Troops to Vietnam
2. Deployment of Combat Troopers and the South Korean Government’s Responses
3. The South Korean Government’s Overreaction and Changes in US-South Korea Relations

Chapter Seven: The United States-South Korea Relations of the 1970s and the “Learning Effect”
1. Learning Effect from the Negotiations for Troop Deployment
2. Gwangju: Whose Fault Was It?

1. Without a Day of Peace: US-South Korea Relations
2. The United States as Myth
3. Was There a Learning Effect?


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