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Great Korean Portraits
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Author: Cho Sun-mie
Publisher: Dolbegae
Pub. Date: Jan. 2011
Pages: 353
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 9.05 x 7.48 x 0.78
ISBN: 9788971994191
Language: English
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Korean Portraits: The Art of Forms and Images 

Chapter I: Portraits of Kings 
King Taejo of Joseon: Dynastic Founder with a Majestic Aura 
Prince Yeoning: Shadowed by Insecurity and Intrigue 
King Yeongjo: Strong Royal Power through Principled Rule 
King Cheoljong: Powerless Pawn in Gorgeous Uniform 
King Gojong: Emperor, Briefly, of a Nation in Distress 

Chapter II: Portraits of the Literati 
An Hyang: Forefather of Korean Neo-Confucianism 
Yi Saek: Gentle Image of a Noble Scholar 
Choe Deok-ji: A Literary Man of Lofty Virtue 
Kim Si-seup: Passionate Poet of Otherworldly Genius 
Yi Hyeon-bo: Confucian Scholar Portrayed in Buddhist Style 
Heo Mok: Rustic Literati of Fierce Conviction 
Song Si-yeol: Scholar and Statesman of Turbulent Career 
Nam Gu-man: Frontal View and Shading Technique 
Yun Jeung: A Compelling Sense of Presence 
Yun Du-seo: Self-Portrait of Powerful Realism 
Jo Yeong-bok: Sibling’s Portrayal of a Literati’s Mind 
Yi Sam: Sturdy Image of a Military Officer 
Jeon Il-sang: A Classy Landscape Portrait 
Yi Gwang-sa: Master Calligrapher Depicted in Exile 
Im Mae: Scholar with His Books and Antiques 
Kang Se-hwang: Images of a Prolific Painter and Art Critic 
Yi Chang-un: Distinguished Military and Civil Service 
Chae Je-gong: The King’s Favorite Minister 
O Jae-sun: Masterpiece by a Master Portraitist 
Yi Chae: Ideal Image of a Joseon Confucian Scholar 
Three Jo Brothers: A Rare Group Portrait of Siblings 
Kim Jeong-hui: Images of Influential Arts Guru 
Heo Jeon: Impeccable Portrayal of Old Scholar 
Yi Yu-won: Art-Savvy Nobleman of Late Joseon 
Yi Ha-eung: Colorful Images of Charismatic Regent 
Choe Ik-hyeon: A Brave and Righteous Patriot 
Jeon Woo: Masterful Work of a Famed Portraitist 
Hwang Hyeon : A Tragic Patriot’s Posthumous Image 

Chapter III: Portraits of Meritorious Subjects 
Yi Cheon-u: A Meritorious Retainer of Early Joseon 
Shin Suk-ju: The Oldest Portrait with a Chest Emblem 
Yu Suk: Sole Surviving Portrait of the 1613 Purge 
Yi Seong-yun: Portrait and Citation Survive Banishment 
Yi Jung-no: Exemplar of Loyalty and Bravery 
Kim Seok-ju: Intent Frontal Gaze in Chinese Style 
O Myeong-hang: The Last Image of a Meritorious Retainer 

Chapter IV: Portraits of Senior Officials 
Gwon Dae-un: A Memento of Royal Gifts 
Fraternity Album of Senior Officials 
Album of Felicitous Meetings of Senior Officials 

Chapter V: Portraits of Women 
Lady Yi: Rare Example of Old-style Couple’s Portrait 
Gyewolhyang: Martyred Joseon Beauty and Patriot 
Unnangja: Portrait of Faithful Gisaeng as Madonna 

Chapter VI: Portraits of Eminent Buddhist Monks 
National Preceptor Gakjin: A Rare Monk’s Image of Late Goryeo 
Great Master Hakjo: A Pensive Monk’s Inner Character 
Great Master Samyeong: A Revered Patriot Warrior 
Great Master Hwadam: Imposing Posture and Piercing Gaze 

Glossary and Index 
chronological table of Korean Portraits

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