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A Review of Korean History Vol.1 Ancient/Goryeo Era
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 34,000
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Author: Han Young Woo
Publisher: Kyongsaewon
Pub. Date: Jan. 2010
Pages: 381
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 6.69 x 9.80 x 0.75
ISBN: 9788983410917
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Introduction What is the History of Korea?

1. Land and Natural Environment

2. Identity of Korean Culture

3. Vitality of the Korean People

4. Meaning of Dynastic Changes

5. Views of History and Division of Periods

Part 1 

Ancient Confederated Kingdoms-Old Joseon and Other Ancient States

Chapter 1 Origin of the Korean People

1. Paleolithic Culture        

2. Neolithic Period

3. The Bronze Age Culture        

4. The Eastern Cultural Sphere and the Formation of the Korean People

Chapter 2 Emergence of Old Joseon and Other Ancient States

1. Old Joseon

2. Rise of Other States


Part 2

Ancient Aristocratic States-The Three Kingdoms and the Southern and Northern States

Chapter 1 The Establishment and Development of the Three Kingdoms

1. The Development of Goguryeo

2. Foundation and Development of Baekje 

3. Founding of Silla and its Development

4. The Rise and Fall of Gaya

5. Goguryeo’s Wars with Sui and Tang

6. The Fall of Baekje

7. The Fall of Goguryeo

8. Silla’s Unification of the Peninsula and the Significance

Chapter 2 The Society and Culture of the Three Kingdoms

1. Governance Structure

2. Social and Class Hierarchy

3. Culture of the Three Kingdoms

4. The Propagation of the Three Kingdom’s Culture to Japan        

Chapter 3 Balhae and its Culture

1. The Founding of Balhae and the Southern and Northern States Period (698-926)        

2. Balhae’s Politics and Economy

3. Balhae’s Culture

Chapter 4 The Society and Culture of Late Silla

1. Strengthening of Centralized Bureaucracy

2. Lifestyle of the Nobility

3. Life of the Average Person

4. Commerce and International Trade        

5. Culture of Late Silla


Part 3

Aristocratic-Bureaucratic State of the Middle Ages-Goryeo

Chapter 1 The Later Three Kingdoms and the Establishment of Goryeo

1. The Rebellion of the Aristocrats

2. Head-Rank Six Aristocrats and the Rise of the Local Elite

3. The Establishment of the Later Three Kingdoms

4. The Foundation of Goryeo and the Unification of the Later Three Kingdoms

Chapter 2 Politics and Society of Early Goryeo

1. Rise of the Centralized Yangban System

2. Completion of the Governing Structure

3. Economic and Social Structure

4. Social Status and Class Structure

Chapter 3 War with the Khitans and Relations with Song

1. The Goryeo-Khitan Wars (993-1019)

2. Cultural Exchanges with Song and the Promotion of National Prestige

Chapter 4 The Culture of Early Goryeo

1. Confucian Politics and Culture        

2. Buddhist Culture

3. Geomancy, Taoism, and Folk Beliefs

4. Literature and the Arts        

5. The Compilation of History

Chapter 5 The Crisis within Goryeo Society after the 12th Century

1. Yun Gwan’s Nine Fortresses (1107-1109) and the Rise of the Jurchens

2. Yi Jagyeom’s Coup and Myocheong's Revolt

3. The Rebellion by Military Officers and the Era of Military Rule (1170-1270)      4. Social Unrest during the Period of Military Rule

5. Culture during the Period of Military Rule        


Chapter 6 The Mongol Invasions and the Rise of the Scholar-Bureaucrats

1. War with the Mongols (1231-1273)        

2. Yuan’s Influence and Impact on Goryeo Politics

3. The Reforms of King Gongmin

4. The Rise of the Scholar-Bureaucrats and their Culture


Dynastic Lineages

Index Glossary


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