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The Dreams of the Living and Hopes of the Dead : Goguryeo Tomb Murals
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 15,000
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Author: Jeon Ho-tae
Publisher: Seoul National University Press
Pub. Date: Feb 2007
Pages: 180
Cover: Hardcover
Dimensions (in inches): 9.17 x 7.55 x 0.74
ISBN: 9788952107299
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Through the analysis of Goguryeo tomb murals, which have been recognized as world-class culture heritage, this book clarifies that the structure and the contents of Goguryeo tomb murals had a deep connection to Goguryeo's history and its culture development. The book also makes a detailed organization of the technology used in Goguryeo tomb murals painted from the 3rd to the 7th century, the change of the structure of theme and subject, and regional characteristics. After devoting 25 years of research on this area, the author clarifies that the Goguryeo tomb mural is one of the most important artistic achievement made in East Asia. Not only dose it show Goguryeo's view of the afterlife, religion and cosmos, it also provides important insight into a great part of daily life in Goguryeo. The author also explains that the Goguryeo tomb mural was the fruit of Goguryeo culture, and that it is evidence of the culture exchanges made in East Asia. -preface of the book

Chapter 1. Development of Goguryeo Culture
1. Advent of the 'Eastern Power' Goguryeo and Characteristics of Its Early Culture
2. Establishment of a Pan-Goturyeo Culture during the Mid-Goguryeo Period
3. Upheaval in East Asian Politics of the 6th and 7th Centuries and Goguryeo Culture in Its Later Years
Chapter 2. What are Goguryeo Tomb Murals?
1. What Are Tomb Murals? Concept, Definition and Function
2. Distinctive Methods and Masterials Used in Ancient Tomb Murals
3. Theme and Composition of Goguryeo Tomb Murals
4. The Structure and Construction of Goguryeo Tomb Murals
5. The Development of Funerary Art in China and Goguryeo Tomb Murals
Chapter 3. The Development of Goguryeo Tomb Murals
1. Reception and Assimilation of Tomb Murals
2. The Assimilation and Reworking of the Artistic Styles of the Chinese Nothern and Southern Dynasties
3. Tomb Murals as Aspects of the Development of Goguryeo Culture
4. Conclusion
Appendix. Studies of the Tomb Murals of Goguryeo
1. Foreword
2. The Historical Meaning of the Tomb Murals in Both Temporal and Spatial Terms
3. Perceptions and Expressions
4. Styles, Techniques and Materials
5. Concluding Remarks
List of Maps and Figures


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