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Ancient Korea and the Dawn of Human History On the Pamirs: Korean Studies Series No. 34
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 23,000
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Author: Chung Yen-kyu
Pub. Date: Jan 2007
Pages: 244
Cover: Hardcover
Dimensions (in inches): 9.09 x 6.18 x 0.98
ISBN: 9788988095997
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When and where did man make the first advent on this earth? When and where did the history and civilization of human begin? These question and answer by the scholars of various sciences so far are in a sense speculative. I would say there is a small book to answer these formidable questions as far as my shallow knowledge permits.In contrast to the civilizations the anthropologist mentioned ,this book makes the assertion that the culture of Mago Castle on the Pamirs dates more than 70,000 years and that members of this race gradually migrated throughout the world , transplanting their culture to the colonies as they went. During his professorships for thirty years at Kyungpook National University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Yeungnam University and Ball State University (teaching 7 Ph.D. students in linguistic seminar), Chung Yen-kyu, the author of this book, has majored in linguistics and has been especially interested in the language family, language typology and historic and comparative linguistics. Further, the author began to study Altaic linguistics which Korean was supposed to be genetically related to . Thus he began to pay attention to the ancient Korean history that was totally abandoned in the veil of myths. In consequence, he has published the six volumes on the ancient Korean history. -Preface of the book

Chung Yenkyu s Personal History / iii 
Preface / v 

1. Introduction 1 
2. The Mago(麻姑) Castle on the Pamirs: the history of mankind begins 7 
3. The Mago tribes migrate to all over the world 25 
3-1 The origin of ancient Korean culture: Hwanggung(黃穹) tribes move to the Tiensan(天山) Mountain Ranges 28 
3-1-1 Hwanin(桓因) dynasty in Mt. Jekseok(積石山) 39 
3-1-2 Hwanung(桓雄) dynasty in Mt. Taebaek(太白山) 41 
3-1-3 Dangun(檀君) dynasty at Asadal(阿斯達) in Altai Mountain Ranges 51 
3-2 The origin of the Hwang River(黃河) culture: Cheonggung(靑穹) tribes move to Jungwon(中原) 63 
3-3 The origin of the Sumer, Egyptian, Greek and the other Western cultures: Baekso(白巢) tribes move to the west 75 
3-3-1 A brief history of Skythen 78 
3-3-2 Sumer and Israel civilization from Central Asia 81 
3-3-3 Egypt was the mediator between the East and the West culture 121 
3-3-4 A brief history of Greece 130 
3-4 The origin of the Indus, Ganges and Maya and Dravida culture: Heukso(黑巢) tribes move to the south 138 
3-5 The Mago culture was transmitted to the North, Middle and South American Continents 154 
3-5-1 The civilization of Cliff Dwellers and Eskimo-Aleut in the North America 167 
3-5-2 Yucatan s Maya civilization in Mexico 173 
3-5-3 The civilization of South America 183 
4. Cosmology and Cheonbugyeong(天符經): the first Heavenly Message 189 
4-1 Primitive Korean cosmology 189 
4-2 Cheonbugyeong(天符經): the Sacred Inspired Writings of the Mago Castle 203 
5. Conclusion 215 

References / 229 
Index / 233


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