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The Culture and Thought of Koguryo
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 95,000
USD 69.09
Author: The Northeast Asian History Foundation
Publisher: Gong&Park
Pub. Date: Jun 2019
Pages: 620
Dimensions (in inches): 7.12 x 10 x 1.5
ISBN: 9781635190113
Language: English
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Part 1 ― The Religion and Thought of Kogury?
Ⅰ The Mythology and State Ceremonies of Kogury?
Ⅱ Indigenous Beliefs, Customs, and Culture
Ⅲ Daoism and Culture in Kogury?
Ⅳ Buddhism and Culture in Kogury?
Ⅴ Confucianism and Political Thought in Kogury?

Part 2 ― Kogury? Society and Culture
Ⅰ The Economic Life of Kogury?
Ⅱ The Culture of Clothing, Food, and Shelter in Kogury?
Ⅲ The Language and Literature of Kogury?
1. The Language of Kogury?
2. The Literature of Kogury?
Ⅳ The Fine Arts and Industrial Arts of Kogury?
Ⅴ The Music and Dance of Kogury?
Ⅵ The View of Astronomy and Nature and the Conception of the Heavens in Kogury?
Ⅶ The Foreign Cultural Exchange of Kogury?

Part 3 ― The Vestiges and Relics of Kogury?
Ⅰ The Capitals and Cities of Kogury?
Ⅱ The System of Fortresses and Defenses in Kogury?
Ⅲ The Transformation of Old Tombs and Burial Systems in Kogury?
Ⅳ Wall Paintings in Old Tombs and the Culture of Kogury?
Ⅴ The Engineering Works and Architecture of Kogury?
Ⅵ The Earthenware and Tiles of Kogury?
Ⅶ The Weapons, Armor, and Horse-gear of Kogury?
Ⅷ The Epigraphy and Calligraphy of Kogury?



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