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Gugak: Traditional Korean Music Today
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 10,000
USD 7.29
Author: Yoon Jung Kang
Publisher: Hollym
Pub. Date: Oct 2014
Pages: 168
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 5.9 x 8.85 x 0.5
ISBN: 9781565913417
Language: English
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Over the course of Korean history, gugak?traditional Korean music? developed in an intimate relationship with the lives of the people. During the 20th century, the introduction of capitalism coupled with rapid inflows of Western culture erected a barrier between Korea’s traditional music and daily experience. However, in our new century, Korea is witnessing an attempt to shape gugak to fit the sensibilities of current generations and emerge ever more vigorous, with a greater focus on diffusing gugak rather than on succeeding to it. This paradigm shift has exerted considerable influence over national and public organizations, as well as on young private-sector artists working in the field of gugak. A number of events such as the Gugak Festival have served as venues to introduce the creative gugak efforts of young Korean artists to a broader international audience.

This book explores the potential of Korea’s “new gugak” from an affectionate point of view. In the first half of the book, introduction of new currents of gugak and creating musical dramas are introduced. Also, new Gugak Festivals for the 21st century and most important composers in Korea’s gugak orchestra stand out. In the latter half of the book, readers could check instruments which draw attention in the 21st century, the current exchanges between Korea, China, and Japan. The last chapter shows the new paradigm of Korean music to globalize the gugak.

A philosopher once stated, “All history is contemporary history.” We could imagine this statement as “All gugak is contemporary gugak.” If history is “an unending dialogue between the past and the present,” gugak serves as a bridge between the past and the present. A great number of endeavors to create contemporary gugak from this base of historical gugak are underway today in Korea.


01 New Currents of Traditional Music in Korea 한국 전통 음악의 새로운 흐름
- Hwang Byungki 가야금의 명인, 황병기
- Chung Chae Kook 피리의 명인, 정재국
- Kang Kwon Soon 정가(正歌)의 새로운 아이콘, 강권순
- Kim Dong-won 장구연주가 김동원
- Kim Sang-hun 아쟁연주가 김상훈
- Lee Jaram ‘판소리 브레히트’, 이자람
- Bulsechul Ensemble ‘젊은 국악’의 선두, 불세출
- Post-Hwang Byungki 황병기 그리고 POST 황병기

02 Musical Dramas, the Beautiful Goal of Gugak in the 21st Century
음악극, 21세기 한국음악의 아름다운 지향점
- Musical Dramas 국악뮤지컬
- Theatrical Musicals 연희뮤지컬
- Traditional Korean Opera 한국창극
- Toward an Era of Gugak Theater 국악극의 시대를 위하여

03 New Gugak Festivals for the 21st Century 21세기형 새로운 국악 축제
- Yeowoorak Festival 국립극장의 “여우락페스티벌”
- Creative Sori (Pansori) Contest 세종문화회관의 “창작소리열전

04 Composers Who Have Contributed to the Development of Korean Music
한국음악을 만들어낸 중견 작곡가
- Homo Ludens, Lee Haesik 호모루덴스, 이해식
- Homo Academicus, Kang Junil 호모아카데미쿠스, 강준일
- Homo Dramaticus, Kim Youngdong 호모드라마티쿠스, 김영동

05 Transformation of Traditional Korean Instruments in the 21st Century
한국 전통악기의 21세기적인 변신
- Geomungo 거문고
- Haegeum 해금
- New Trends in Instruments in the 21st Century 21세기의 새로운 악기적 흐름

06 Globalization of Korean Music: Sparking Cultural Consensus in Asia
한국음악의 세계화: 아시아 정서의 창출
- Current Exchanges of Traditional Culture between Korea, China, and Japan
아시아 삼국간의 전통문화 교류 현황
- Best Examples of Traditional Arts Exchanges 전통예술 교류에 있어서의 모범사례

07 Creating New Korean Music Content Based on a Blend of Warmth and Fusion
한류에서 신한류로: ‘온’과 ‘융’이 결합한 새로운 한국음악 콘텐츠
- Underlying Power of Hallyu: Warmth and Fusion 따스함(溫)과 합쳐짐(融), 한류의 밑힘
- Korean Music in the 2000s: Results and Evolution 한국 음악의 2000년대, 성과와 진화

08 The Present and Future of 21st-century Traditional Korean Music
21세기 한국음악의 현재와 비전
- Seeking Balanced Development among Song, Dance, Performance, and Play
가(歌), 무(舞), 악(樂), 희(戱)의 균형적 발전을 위하여
- System, Style, and Story: Major Elements of Korean Music and its Composition Principles
한국음악의 새로운 3박자와 구성 원리: 시스템, 스타일, 스토리
- Gugak as Consumer Goods 문화상품으로서의 국악
- Gugak as Music of Daily Life 생활음악으로서의 국악
- Countless Potential Stars in the Field of Gugak 국악계에 잠재된 대중적 스타
- Developing Cultural Products Targeting the Asian Market 아시아를 향한 문화상품 계발
- Gugak Entertainment Agency Going Public on the KOSDAQ 국악계 매니지먼트 사업의 시스템화
- Festivals Expanding the Domain of Gugak in the 2000s 2000년대, 국악의 ‘외연’을 넓히는 축제

09 Epilogue


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