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Healing Korea(coloring book)
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 12,000
USD 8.78
Author: Park Hyang-Mi
Publisher: Seowoo meida
Pub. Date: Jul 2105
Pages: 76
Dimensions (in inches): 9.8 x 9.8 x
ISBN: 9791195184972
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골무 _ thimble
버선 _ Beoseon(Korean socks)
고무신 _ rubber shoes
노리개, 매듭 _ Norigae(Korean traditional ornaments worn by women), knot
비녀, 은장도 _ Binyeo(Korean traditional ornamental hairpin), Eunjangdo(an ornamental silver knife)
액세서리 _ accessory
족두리, 아얌, 조바위, 쓰개 _ Jokduri(bride’s headpiece), Ayam(a fur cap worn by women in winter), Jobawi(a women’s winter hat (with earflaps), Ssgae(headgear)
한복 _ Korean traditional clothes
부채 _ Buchae(fan)
나비 _ Korean native butterfly
연 _ kite
자기 _ china
기와 _ roof tile
단청 _ Dancheong(traditional multicolored paintwork on wooden buildings)
문살 _ muntin(the frame of a paper sliding door)
가마 _ palanquin
전통가구, 전통악기 _ traditional furniture, traditional musical instrument
십장생 _ the ten traditional Symbols of Longevity
모란꽃 _ peony blossom
무궁화 _ Mugunghwa(rose of Sharon)
능소화 _ a trumpet creeper
동백꽃 _ camellia flower
소나무와 진달래 _ pine (tree) and azalea
연꽃 _ lotus
해바라기 _ sunflower
자작나무 _ white birch
자경전 꽃담 _ Jagyeongjeon Chamber in Gyeongbokgung Palace Floral Fence Pattern
남대문 _ Namdaemun
광화문 _ Gwanghwamun


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