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A Tour of Changdeokgung Palace Explained by Cultural Heritage Commentators
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 20,000
USD 15.30
Author: Cultural Heritage Commentators
Publisher: Culturebooks
Pub. Date: Apr. 2013
Pages: 152
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 7.36 x 9.05 x 0.39
ISBN: 9788992074582
Language: English
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A Beautiful Royal Palace of Joseon:Presenting the Essence of Changdeokgung Palace
Yoon Seo-young, Manager of the Cultural Heritage Commentators’ Team

Changdeokgung with picturesque and charming scenery all year round
Photographer Bae Bien-u

Changdeokgung Palace: Treasure Trove of Korean Beauty
Lee Sanghae, Professor at Sungkyunkwan University

* Typical Korean Palace Inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List
* Donggwoldo: Major Palace Map of Joseon

The Beauty of Changdeokgung Palace through Photographs

1 Dignified Main Gate of Changdeokgung Palace: Donhwamun Gate Area
Donhwamun Gate
Geumcheongyo Bridge
Special Trees I: Scholar Trees at Donhwamun Gate

2 Government Offices Serving the King and Royal Family: Gwolnaegaksa
Gyujanggak Area
Old Seonwonjeon Area
Yakbang and Okdang Area
Special Trees II: 750-old Juniper in the Bongmodang yard

3 Outer Court, the Political Center Stage: njeongjeon, Seonjeongjeon, and Huijeongdang
Injeongjeon Area

4 Inner Court, the Royal Living Quarters : Daejojeon and Seongjeonggak Areas
Seongjeonggak Area
Special Trees III: Four Hundred-year-old Plum Tree Next to Seongjeonggak

5 Nakseonjae Area: King Heonjong’s Love Story and Last Residence of the Royal Family
Nakseonjae Area
Nakseonjae, House of Joy and Goodness
Seokbokheon, House of Frugality and Happiness
Sugangjae, House of Health and Longevity
Rear Garden of the Nakseonjae Area

6 The Rear Garden, Huwon, A Place for Relaxation and Meditation: Buyongji, Aeryeonji, Yeongyeongdang, Jondeokjeong and Ongnyucheon Areas
Buyongji Area
Aeryeonji Area
Jondeokjeong Area
Ongnyucheon Stream Area
Special Trees IV: Mulberry Tree near Aeryeonji Pond in Huwon
Special Trees V: Gooseberry Tree in the Deepest Part of Huwon

Major Attractions of Changdeokgung Palace Recommended by Cultural Heritage Commentators
Annual Events at Changdeokgung Palace
Chronological Table of Changdeokgung Palace
Changdeokgung Palace Tour Information

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