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Culture of Arirang
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 35,000
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Author: Kim YeonGap
Publisher: Jimoondang
Pub. Date: Jan 2012
Pages: 303
Cover: Hardcover
ISBN: 9788962971477
Language: English
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Author's Preface For a Meaningful Questioning on Arirang
Translator's Preface For an understanding of the various modes of Arirang

Chapter 1. The History of Arirang
1. Reading Arirang through Arirang

The Concept of Arirang Culture
The genesis of Arirang and its background
Naming by Background of Transmission and Function
Identity, the Gene of Unity: the Chorus
The Change of Arirang's Characteristics

2. The Emergence of Modern Folk Song Arirang
Dependency towards History, 'Shinsung Yumgok, Arirang Taryung'
A Flamboyant Dedication, 'Arirang is Rice'
Arirang, The Public Media Noticed by the Japanese Empire

3. Arirang Culture, the Kaleidoscope of Modern History
The Birth of the Movie and Theme Song
The Story of The Movie
Na Wungyu and the Funeral Song
'All Songs Commute through Arirang'
The Imperial Subjectivization Policy of the Japanese Government-General of Joseon,
Arirang's Lost of Integrity, the Musical Drama
The Arirang Cultural Movement
Diaspora Arirang, Imprinted in Overseas Korean Communities

4. The Path of Continuity and Modification
The Modes and Diffusion of Arirang in Japga Collections
Diffusion Through Musical Recordings
Diffusion Through Broadcasting
Diffusion Through Popular Song Collections

5. The Bonjo Arirang Period
The Status of Arirang, Bonjo Arirang
From the Theme Song to Bonjo Arirang
Being Used After the Late 1940's
Bonjo Means the Status of the Representative

Chapter 2. The Diffusion of Arirang and It's Modes
1. The Kinds of Arirang and Their Regional Diffusion

Arirang, One Yet Many and Same Yet Different
The Regional Diffusion of Arirang
Classification of North Korean Folk Songs and Arirang
Korean Communities Overseas

2. The Nature of Arirang of Each Region and Their Stories
Arirang Hill is Mungyung Seje?
Arirang of Seoul and Seoul Arirang
The Sori of Lives, The Song of A Thousand Years Jungsun Arari
Jindo Arirang that 'Cannot Be Well-Sung by All'
Milyang Arirang that Exhibits Contemporariness
Arirang of North Korea
Arirang, Succession Towards Unification

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