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Korea and Koreans: An Insider
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 36,000
USD 27.98
Author: Choi-Tae-hwan
Publisher: KSI
Pub. Date: Nov. 2007
Pages: 560
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 8.31 x 6.18 x 1.99
ISBN: 9788953474031
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들어가는 말 

* English 
Good Morning Pops 
English Education 
Pop Songs and English Learning 
English Teaching and Motivation 
Why EPIK Failed 
English and Mr. President 
English Classes in English Only 
English Education and NIE 
English Only Zone in School 
English Camp for High School Students 
Art of Teaching English 

* Education 
Mama Boy 
You’re My Teacher 
Education in Korea and Japan 
SNU (Seoul National University) Fever 
Collapse of Classroom 
Korean Blue Ribbon Schools 
Republic of Exam-machines 
My Beloved Students 
Teachers, Students, and Parents 
Boys Will Be Boys 
School Police 
Helicopter Parents 

* Culture 
Korean Drinking Culture 
We Are All Invisible 
Paradigm of Culture for New Millennium 
Dr. Wang-in’s Contribution 
Language and Culture 
Until Death Do You Part 
Aloha and Anyeonghaseyo 
A Teacher. Mr. Kim Bong-doo 
Dust and Water 
Winter Sonata 
What I Have to Do Tomorrow 
Rainy and Shiny 

* Society 
Antismoking Charter 
How to Be A Good Listener? 
‘Shinbaram’ Theory 
Second Control Management 
Deserted Children 
Sexual Violence 
From Mt. Halla to Mt. Paektu 
Break Free of TV 
‘Excuse Me’ and ‘Thank You’ 
Barrier Free 
Noblesse Oblige in Korea? 
Pride, Embarrassment and Shame 
Ten Commandments 
Goose Moms and Dads 
Conformity and Diversity 
Being-in-Others’ Shoes Mentality 
Cartel of Silence and Whistle-blowers 

* Internet 
Computer Addict 
Internet and Learning English 
E-mail Pals 
Internet Etiquette 
Digital Divide 
Sound Internet Culture 
Internet: Two Sides of the Coin 
Kangaroo Court on the Net 

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