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Seoul: A Window into Korean Culture
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 25,000
USD 19.43
Author: Choi Joon-sik Ph.D.
Publisher: HER WON MIDIA
Pub. Date: Mar 2009
Pages: 327
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 5.90 x 8.66 x 0.78
ISBN: 9788992162159
Language: English
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Chapter 1 | Seoul and the Life of Koreans

1. Nature in the City, the City in Nature
2. Looking at Seoul from Mt. Nam
The Pine Trees in Mt. Nam
A view of Seoul Mt. Nam through Fengshui
At the Former Site of Japanese Shinto Shrine

Chapter 2 | A Voyage to Joseon on a Time Machine

1. Understanding the Culture of the Royal Court Through the Daily Life of the King-Gyeongbok Palace
In Front of the Gyeongbok Palace
Entering the Palace
In Front of the Best Architectural Masterpiece of Joseon
In the Birthplace of Joseon Documentary Culture
A Day in the Life of the King
The King's Entertainment
Sujeongjeon (Sujeong Hall): The Birthplace of Hangeul
At the Scene of Korea's Turbulent Modern History
Leaving Gyeongbok Palace
2. In Search of Bukchon: Where Joseon's High Officials Lived
Bukchon Yesterday and Today
What are characteristics of Korean Architecture?
Alleyways: Symbol of Bukchon
3. The Most Nature-Friendly Palace in Northeast Asia-Changdeok Palace and Huwon (Secret Garden)
Standing in front of Changdeok Palace
Changdeok Palace, Different from Gyeongbok Palace from the Entrance
In the Front Courtyard of Injeong Hall-thinking of the beauty of Korean architecture
Buildings in Changdeok Palace
Huwon(Rear Garden)-The Most Beautiful Garden in Korea
Leaving Changdeok Palace

Chapter 3 | Religious Relics that Have Shaped the Korean Mind

1. Shamanism, the Eternal Melody that Moves Koreans to Dance: Going Up to Guksadang Shrine
In Search of Guksadang Shrine
Gut and Mudang (Shamanic Ritual and Shaman)
Koreans and Shamanism
Passing over Guksadang Shrine
2. Where the Spirits of Kings Rest-Jongmyo
In Front of Jongmyo
Entering Jongmyo
Inside Jeongjeon (Main Hall)
Jongmyo Jerye and jeryeak
3. Seonggyungwan-The Top Think Tank of Joseon
Becoming a Government Official in the Joseon Dynasty
Some Thoughts on the Nature of True Education
Seonggyungwan 1 - At Daeseongjeon (Grand Hall)
Seonggyungwan 2 - At Myeongryundang (The Hall for Brightening the Ethics)
On Leaving Seonggyungwan
4. Jogyesa-The Headquarters of Korean Buddhism
In Front of Jogyesa
In Front of Iljumun
Inside the Temple Grounds
Inside the Beopdang
Outside the Beopdang
Who are the Monks?

Chapter 4 | A Night in Seoul - Insa-dong and Hongdae

1. Where Tradition Still Breathes-Insa-dong
The Formation of Insa-dong
What Shops Are in Insa-dong?
Leaving Insa-dong
2. Deviation from the Norm, Freedom, and Streets Full of Youthful Spark - Hongdae Area
Why Hongdae (Hongik University)?
Hongdae culture-Alternative vs. Mainstream
Other Points of Attraction
Leaving the Hongdae Area
After Seeing Seoul

About the Authors

Choi Joon-sik Ph.D.

Professor Choi earned his B.A. degree in Korean History from Sogang University, Korea and received gis Ph.D. degree in Religious Studies from Temple University in Philadelphia in 1988.

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