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Contemporary Korean Culture: The Persistance of Shamanistic and Confucian Values and Practices
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 25,000
USD 18.21
Author: Andrew Eungi Kim
Publisher: Korea University Press
Pub. Date: Mar 2015
Pages: 248
Cover: Hardcover
Dimensions (in inches): 6.3 x 9.13 x 0.95
ISBN: 9788976418746
Language: English
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Part I. Korean Shamanism and Confucianism

Chapter 1Korean Shamanism
Its Origin and History
What is hamanism?

Chapter 2 Shamanism and Religious Practices
This-worldly Orientation
An Affinity between Shamanism and Buddhism
The Impact of Shamanism on Christianity

Chapter 3 Confucianism
History of Confucianism in Korea
Social Philosophy of Confucianism

Part II. Shamanistic Tendencies of Koreans

Chapter 4 Shamanistic Practices: Belief in Fate and Fortune-Telling
Vengeful Spirits and Fate
Sajupalja (Divination Based on Birth Date)
Goonghap (Fortune-telling on Marital Harmony)
Gilil (Auspicious Days)
Auspicious Names
Gwansang (Physiognomy)
Poongsujiriseol (Geomancy)

Chapter 5 Play and the Spirit of Ecstasy:A Popular Musing Shamanism-Influenced Recreational Culture of Koreans
The Drinking Culture
The Singing Culture
Summary: Drinking, Singing and Ecstasy

Part III. Confucian Elements in Korean Culture

Chapter 6 Confucian “Habits of the Heart”: Family-Centered Worldview and Practice
Filial Piety
Ancestor Worship
Son Preference

Chapter 7Hierarchical Culture and Worldview
Patriarchy and Gender Discrimination
The Korean Language: Subliminal Reinforcement of Hierarchy in Everyday Life

Chapter 8 Cultural Emphasis on Education and Its Impact
Graduates of the “SKY” Universities and Their Dominance
Koreans’ Zeal for Education and Positive Consequences
Negative Impact of Education Frenzy in Korea

Chapter 9Other “Confucian” Habits
Jeong (Affection)
Gibun (Group’s Mood)
Nunchi (Sizing up the Situation)
Chemyon (The Face Factor)

Part IV. Conclusions

Chapter 10 Summary and Conclusions

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