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Gyeongju: the ancient capital city of Silla
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 20,000
USD 15.14
Author: Jinhong Lim
Publisher: G-world
Pub. Date: Jun. 2012
Pages: 424
Cover: Paperback
Dimensions (in inches): 6.02 x 8.85 x 0.82
ISBN: 9788964494103
Language: Korean/English
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In this book, I focused especially on communication between tourists and Silla culture, history and the meaning of their artifacts. I used easily understandable English so that tourists from all over the world could know more about Gyeongju. This book not only includes Silla culture, artifacts and famous historical sites, but also the Gyeongju city center, Bomun Resort and some tourist facilities. I added some lesser-known modern historical sites of the Joseon Dynasty. I have tried hard to introduce nice trails and routes for tourists to enrich their trips as well. This book consists of two main parts: Gyeongju city and Namsan.

Silla 신라

01 The history of Silla 신라의 역사
02 The Buddhism of Silla 신라의 불교
03 UNESCO 유네스코
04 신라의 역사

Gyeongju 경주

01 The Gyeongju historical and cultural district 경주역사문화지구
The Gyeongju historical and cultural district경주역사문화지구
Gyeongju City Center Tour경주 시가지 여행
Gyeongju National Museum경주국립박물관
02 Sogeumgangsan area 소금강산 지역
03 Nangsan area 낭산 지역
04 East sea area 동해안
05 Bulguksa area 불국사
Bulguksa불국사 /Seokguram Grotto and Tohamsan mountain석굴암, 토함산 / Bulguksa vicinity불국사 인근 지역/Dongri and Mokwol modern literature동리, 목월문학관
06 Oedong area 외동 지역
07 Angang area 안강 지역
08 General Kim’s tomb area and Seoak area김유신장군묘 인근과 서악 지역
09 Guncheon area 건천 지역
10 Hyungok area 현곡 지역
11 Bomun Resort area 보문단지
Bomun Lake Resort area보문단지
Mujangasa Temple site area무장사지 지역
12 Hwangsung park 황성공원 /sports events 스포츠 이벤트

Namsan 남산

01 Namsan general 남산일반
02 West-Namsan area 서남산 지역
Poseok Valley 포석계곡/ Sambulsa Valley 삼불사계곡/
Samreung Valley 삼릉계곡/ Yaksugol약수골/ Bipagol비파골 /
Yongjanggol 용장골/ Tumsugol 틈수골/ Yeolamgok열암곡
03 East-Namsan area 동남산 지역
Tongiljeon area통일전 주변 /
Bonghwagol Chilbulam봉화골 칠불암/
Guksagol국사골 / Mirukgol 미륵골/
Topgok 탑곡/ Bulgok불곡
04 Way to Samreung 삼릉 가는 길

Appendix 부록

How to get to and around Gyeongju 경주로 오는 길과 내부교통망 / Index색인

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