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Pub. Date: Jan 2017
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ISBN: 9791186324363
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Ⅰ. Survey Overview
1 Survey Background
2 Research Method

Ⅱ. The Spatio-Temporal Transformation of the Seongsu Manufacturing District
1 Seongsu-dong in Joseon
2 Changes in Ttukseom in the Modern Era
3 Development of Seongsu Industrial District after Liberation
4 The Handmade Shoe Industry Concentrated in Seongsu-dong

Ⅲ. Spatial Structure of the Shoemaking Area and Manufacturing Process
1 The Handmade Shoe Industry and the Role of Seongsu-dong
2 Spatial Structure of Seongsu Handmade Shoemaking Area
3 Organization and Role of Handmade Shoe Factories
4 Structure and Specific Terms of Shoes
5 Manufacturing Process of Handmade Shoes: Made by Hammering a Thousand Times

Ⅳ. Ecosystem for the Local Handmade Shoe Business in Seongsu-dong
1 Structure of Handmade Shoe Business Ecosystem in Seongsu-dong
2 Handmade Shoe Parts & Materials Market and the Subcontracting Structure
3 Distribution Structure for Handmade Shoes
4 Elements of Local Systemization for the Handmade Shoe Industry
5 Features and Future of the Seongsu-dong Handmade Shoe Industry Ecosystem

Ⅴ. The Dailly Life and Culture of Shoemakers as Seen through the Eyes of Seongsu-dong Insiders
1 Workplaces and Daily Working Activities
2 Work Organization and Social Relationships in the Factory
3 Conflicts and Contradictions about Wage System: Are They Workers or Independent Contractors?
4 Apprenticeship
5 Identity as a Shoemaker
6 Handmade Shoe Industries Past and Present
7 Viewpoints about the Changes in Seongsu-dong and its Future

Ⅵ. A Sketch of Seongsu-dong Handmade Shoe Industry Cluster and Field Survey
1 Landscape of Yeonmujang-gil (street)
2 Parts and Materials Shops
3 Ladies’ Shoe Factory (rented property)

Ⅶ. People in Seongsu-dong and Their Lives: Beauty Comes from Their Fingertips
1 An Upper Part Craftsman Mr. Shin Seong-seon
2 Bottom Part Craftsmen Mr. Kim Keum-chul and Mr. Kim Kyung-hwnan


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