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Three monsters, 쓰리 몬스터
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 25,300
USD 19.52
Year: 2005
Director: Park Chan-wuk, Miike Takashi, Fruit Chan
Cast: Lee Byung Hun, Lim Won Hee, Kang Hye Jung
Region Code: 3
Subtitles: Korean, English
Running time: 126 min.
Rating: over 18
No. of Disc: 2
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 Three monsters teams up creative talents from three different Asian countries !

 All three short films from these countries are linked by a single common theme: the ugliness of human nature, the horrors of what human obsession can lead to, and this evil in human is far more horrifying than any ghosts and demons that might walk the earth. Korea's Cut, Japan's Box and Hong Kong's Dumplings all deal with these themes that will send a fearful shiver down your spine.

  • First Extreme: Cut
    Directed by Old Boy's Park Chan-wuk, it stars Korean star Lee Byung-Hun in a dark horror with a hint of outrageous comedy. Lee Byung-Hun stars a a famous director who is suddenly kidnapped one day, and is suddenly thrown into a completely helpless situation, with his wife's fingers heading into the by one...Park's stunning visual set-up and haunting soundscape pushes the horror to its ultimate extreme. It is an open challenge to the bravery of the audience. Can you endure it?

  • Second Extreme: Box
    Japan's horror master Miike Takashi, who has directed obscure bloody and disturbing features such as Audition and Ichi The Killer helms Box, and stars popular Japanese actress Hasegawa Kyoko. In the story, Kyoko, the older of the twin sisters, suffers from recurring nightmares about an accident in the circus she worked in at the age of 10 that led to the death of her younger twin. This short does not contain the trademark bloodshed one expects from a Miike film, yet its depiction of jealous sisters trying to win the love of their father is genuinely disturbing. The ending is as unexpected as it is shocking!

  • Third: Dumplings
    Hong Kong's premier quirky independent filmmaker Fruit Chan returns to the mainstream in this production yet never compromises his unique vision in this film. This is Miriam Yeung's first film in the horror genre, and she abandons her usual goofy persona to appear as a depressed, aging ex-starlet. This is also Bai Ling's first Hong Kong film, with a  screenplay by famed local author Lillian Lee and cinematography by Christopher Doyle! This story discusses ex-starlet Ching Ching (Yeung), in hope to regain the love of her cheating husband (Tony Leung Kar-Fei), begins to visit Mei (Bai), who makes extremely rejuvenating dumplings from the most nutritious ingredient of all, unborn fetuses. The ending of this version differs from the extended feature length is it different? Well, you'll have to be shocked yourself!


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