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Shin Sang Ok's Melodramas From The 1950s Collection, "1950년대 신상옥 멜로 드라마"
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 47,800
USD 41.07
Year: 2013
Director: Shin Sang Ok
Cast: Choi Eun Hee, Kim Seung Ho, Kim Jin Kyu, et al.
Region Code: 3
Subtitles: Korean, English, Japanese
Running time: 356 min.
Rating: Over 12
No. of Disc: 3
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 The Shin Sang Ok's Melodramas From The 1950s Collection comes with the following three films: A College Woman's Confession (1958), Dongsimcho (1959) and A Sister's Garden (1959).

 Legendary Korean director Shin Sang Ok passed away in April 2006 at the age of 80. In recognition of the master filmmaker's contributions to Korean film, he was posthumously awarded the Gold Crown Cultural Medal, the highest honor for an artist. In a career spanning over half a century, Shin directed over 70 films and produced over 100 more. A driving force of Korean cinema during the 1950s and 1960s, his production company Shin Films put out hundreds of films during this period, helping to forge the industry's Golden Age. Shin also formed a partnership with Hong Kong's Shaw Brothers studio in the 1960s, opening new doors for both industries with massive co-productions.

 Other than a great film legacy, Shin Sang Ok also leaves behind one of the most interesting real-life stories the Korean film industry has to offer. Shin and his actress wife Choi Eun Hee were kidnapped in 1978 by orders of Kim Jong Il, who wanted the director to help build North Korea's film industry. Shin was held in North Korea for eight years, during which time he directed seven films, before managing to escape. In the early 1990s, he directed briefly in the United States, where he had sought political asylum, and finally returned to his native South Korea in 1994.

1. A College Woman's Confession (1958)

 After her grandmother passes away, poor law student Choi So Young (Choi Eun Hee) is confronted with the harsh prospect of having to give up her schooling and her dreams. In these desperate times, she comes across a diary written by the deceased long-lost daughter of a rich politician. So Young's friend suggests that she pose as the daughter and ask the politician for help. Notable for its empathetic portrayal of women's issues in postwar Korea, A College Woman's Confession was a big hit when it was released, catapulting the careers of both Shin Sang Ok and leading actress Choi Eun Hee.

2. Dongsimcho (1959)

 Lee Suk Hee (Choi Eun Hee) has been struggling to run a shop by herself since her husband passed away in the war. When her shop falls into hard times, it is Kim Sang Kyu (Kim Jin Gyu) who lends her a helping hand. The two fall in love, but Sang Kyu is already engaged and Suk Hee is torn between traditional social values and her heart's desire.

3. A Sister's Garden (1959)

 Raised in an upper middle-class family, Nam Jung Hee (Choi Eun Hee) has never had to worry about money or material needs, but everything changes after her father passes away. She is only barely able to keep the house with the help of a young doctor (Kim Seok Hun). To support the household, she becomes a saloon madam. A seven-year-old Ahn Sung Ki appears in the film as Jung Hee's younger brother.


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