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Author: Brian Devine
Publisher: Seoul Selection
Pub. Date: Feb 2020
Pages: 108
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 8.26 x 11.69 x 0.3
ISBN: 9781624121333
Language: English
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책 소개


This book is written for students who have intermediate proficiency in English, but need to practice conversing on a variety of topics. Each section in the book is designed to intertwine discussion questions with interesting topical facts and opinions in order to guide students to speak as much as possible within the class period. Students will explore text and visual media to expand their knowledge of essential vocabulary for confident free talking.


저자 소개


Brian Devine is an American educator who has been teaching and developing English education curriculums since 2005. During his time pursuing a master’s degree in education at Seattle University, he became a Washington State certified teacher in English Language Arts and Social Studies. He taught in the Seattle Public School district and in an ESL program associated with Seattle Pacific University. In 2010, he took a position as a Language Arts and Social Studies teacher at an international school in South Korea where he became a specialist in curriculum design and a leader in blending traditional educational methods with modern technology. He is now the co-founder, director and head of the English department at One World Language in Pangyo, Korea.




Table of Contents


Section 1

1 Jobs of the Future 미래의 일자리6

2 Connecting Online 온라인 접속9

3 Delightful Delicacies 기쁨을 주는 별미 음식 12

4 Intergalactic Life 은하계에서의 삶 15

5 Athletic Enhancement 운동능력 향상 18

6 Volatile Weather 변덕스러운 날씨 21

7 Pop Star Lifestyle 팝스타의 라이프 스타일 24

8 Generations 세대 27

9 Starving Arts 굶주리는 예술 30

10 Hunter’s Dilemma 사냥꾼의 딜레마 33


Section 2

11 Street Vending 길거리 음식 36

12 Global Wedding Trends 글로벌 결혼식 트렌드 39

13 Living Spaces 생활 공간 42

14 Defining Happiness 행복의 정의 45

15 DNA Discoveries DNA의 발견 48

16 The Power of Music 음악의 힘 51

17 Digital Revolution 디지털 혁명 54

18 Living with Animals 동물과의 공생 57

19 Saving & Spending 저축과 소비 60

20 Globe Trotting 전세계 일주 63


Section 3

21 Brain Overload 두뇌 과용 66

22 Secrets to Longevity 장수의 비결 69

23 Part-Time Tips 서비스직 파트타임와 팁 관례 72

24 Lost at Sea 바다 한 가운데에서의 난파 75

25 Milestones of Life 인생의 중대한 시점 78

26 Censoring Media 미디어 검열 81

27 Stress Relief 스트레스 해소 84

28 Robot Phobia 로봇 공포증 87

29 Clean Water 깨끗한 물 90

30 Cosmetic Trends 성형 트렌드 93


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