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Southeast Asian Houses: Expanding Tradition
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 18,000
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Author: Seo Ryeung Ju, Himasari Hanan, Syed Iskandar Ariffin, Wandee
Publisher: Seoul Selection
Pub. Date: Jul 2017
Pages: 188
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 5.9 x 8.8 x 0.4
ISBN: 9781624120954
Language: English
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Also available as eBook at: Kindle Store (Amazon)

Southeast Asian architecture tends to be generalized under one umbrella due to the countries’ common geographical, climatic, and historical context. However, Southeast Asian countries are dissimilar due to their ethnic and religious differences, which led to each country’s own subtle characteristics in housing. In order to identify the commonality and diversity among Southeast Asian architecture, details of the architectural forms have to be carefully analyzed.

This book begins with an introductory section about housing culture in Southeast Asia as a whole and then examines the traditional houses of five countries in more detail. Each chapter contains a brief summary of a Southeast Asian country’s history and culture and an introduction to the general characteristics and major types of traditional houses of the country. This is followed by a detailed explanation on the form and significance of one of the country’s major types of housing. The authors also explain how traditional houses are being modernized, offering a glimpse at the future of traditional housing in each country.



Chapter 1

The Commonality and Diversity of Vernacular Housing in Southeast Asia

  • Seo Ryeung Ju, Min Kyoung Kim

Chapter 2 · Indonesia

Tradition and Modernization in Indonesian Vernacular Houses

  • Himasari Hanan

Chapter 3 · Malaysia

Made to Order—a Place Called Home

  • Syed Iskandar Ariffin

Chapter 4 · Thailand

Tradition and Transformation in Central Thai Houses

  • Wandee Pinijvarasin

Chapter 5 · Cambodia

Khmer Traditional Houses and Belief

  • Var Morin

Chapter 6 · Vietnam

Tradition and Modernity in Viet Vernacular Houses

  • Hoang Manh Nguyen



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