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Love is the Pain of Feverish Flowers
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 9,800
USD 7.13
Author: Kwon Cheonhak
Publisher: Seoul Selection
Pub. Date: January 2016
Pages: 72
Cover: Softcove
Dimensions (in inches): 5.90 x 7.87 x 0.25
ISBN: 9781624120602
Language: English, Korean
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Also available as eBook at: Kindle Store (Amazon)

The poems in this collection are located between a lost world and todays modernity, poised between celebration and lamentation, as icons of loss and yearning. The reader is carried into unfamiliar spaces of scenery and also of language, as the translators retain echoes of the Korean originals, intent on transmitting each poets vision of an unfamiliar other place to readers who are eager to be transported.

- Brother Anthony, literary translator and professor emeritus of Sokang University


A Word from the Poet 10

2H2+O2=2 H2O 12

The Autobiography of a Flower: The Cockscomb 16

A Sunset by the Sea 20

A Morning Glory 22

Everyone is a Prisoner: I am Still in an Apple Seed 24

The Ladder 27

I Long for People 28

Love is the Pain of Feverish Flowers 32

The Sound of Rain 36

Salvador Dalis Watch 38

Time Walks Out the Gate with Its Hat Pulled Down 42

Wind Chimes 46

Wildflower 48

Middle Age 50

I Want to Run 56

Beneath the Flowers of the Wisteria Vine 58

Flute 60

Critical Acclaim 64


시인의 말 11

2H2+O2=2 H2O 14

꽃의 자서전 - 맨드라미 18

일몰의 바다에서 21

나팔꽃 22

누구든 포로다 -나는 아직 사과씨 속에 있다 25

사다리 27

사람이 그립다 31

사랑은 꽃몸살 35

빗소리 36

살바도르 달리의 시계 41

모자를 눌러 쓴 시간이 대문 밖으로 걸어나간다 44

풍경 47

야생화 49

중년 54

달리고 싶다 57

등나무 꽃 넝쿨 아래서 59

피리 63

작품해설 68


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