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Court Paintings from the Joseon Dynasty
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 23,000
USD 16.81
Author: Park, Jeong-Hye
Publisher: Seoul Selection
Pub. Date: Dec 2015
Pages: 168
Dimensions (in inches): 186mm x 18mm x 258mm
ISBN: 978-1-62412-053-4
Language: English
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The court paintings of the Joseon Dynasty (13921910) were artwork created for the appreciation of the king, his family, and high-ranking officials. ­ The type of the court paintings hardly deviated from those pieces created for the common people; in essence, court painters did not adhere to any particular genre, though pictorial style would vary over time. Unlike pieces created for the general public, however, court paintings served a more speci c function than those done outside the palace.
   One of the major functions of Joseon court paintings was education. Pictures of significant moments of history were used to help the king and prince learn from the past and cultivate a heightened sense of morality and leadership. Another crucial function of court paintings was both the documentation and conservation of the visual culture of the eras in which they were created. During the Joseon Dynasty, a period whose philosophical foundation rested on Confucian ideals, images played an essential role in the efficient management of the state. The Joseon court paintings are the pinnacle of contemporary artwork of their time, produced by anonymous court painters to meet the tastes of the commissioners while abiding by past customs.


07. The Beauty of Joseon Court Paintings:

Grandeur and Sophistication


10. Portrait of King Taejo Taejo Eojin

14.The Eastern Palaces Donggwoldo

20.Sun, Moon, and Five Peaks Irwol Obongdo

24.Ten Symbols of Longevity Sipjangsaengdo

28.The Cranes and Peaches of Immortality

by the Sea I Haehak Bandodo

32.The Cranes and Peaches of Immortality

by the Sea II Haehak Bandodo

36.The Sun, Moon, and Peach Trees of Immortality

Irwol Bandodo

40.The Feast of Yoji Pond I Yojiyeondo

46.The Feast of Yoji Pond II Yojiyeondo

54.The Happy Life of Guo Ziyi Gwakbunyang Haengrakdo

58.One Hundred Children Baekjado

65.Peonies I Morando

70.Peonies II Morando

74.Birds and Flowers Hwajodo

82.Lotus and Water Birds Yeonhwa Sugeumdo

86.Harmony of Auspicious Animals Seosu Jangsaengdo

92.Phoenixes Bonghwangdo

97.White Cranes Baekakdo


102.Scholar’s Bookshelf I Chaekgado

106.Scholar’s Bookshelf II Chaekgado

110.Books and Scholarly Instruments Munbangdo

114.The Birthday Banquet for Lady Hyegyeong

at Bongsudang Bongsudang Jinchando

120.Royal Procession Back to Hanyang Hwaneo Haengnyeoldo

124.Court Banquet & Ceremony of Presenting the Cloth

Jinpyorido & Jinchando

132.Grand Congratulatory Ceremony at Injeongjeon Hall

& Day Banquet at Tongmyeongjeon Hall

Injeongjeon Jinhado & Tongmyeongjeon Jinchando

138.The Grand Congratulatory Ceremony for the Birth

of Crown Prince Yi Cheok Wangseja Tangang Jinha Dobyeong

142.The Crown Prince’s Procession Departing

from the Palace Chulgungdo

146.Rank-positioned Procession of a Royal Visit

Dongga Banchdo

152.Golden Chest Geumgwedo

154.Envoys Paying Tribute to the King Wanghoedo



162.Location of Originals



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