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Vietnam Moment
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 19,000
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Author: Brenda Paik Sunoo & Thon Thi Thu Nguyet
Publisher: Seoul Selection
Pub. Date: Feb. 2009
Pages: 285
Cover: softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 7.28 x 6.06 x 0.87
ISBN: 9788991913547
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Seoul Selection is proud to announce the release of Brenda Paik Sunoo's and Ton Thi Thu Nguyet's "Vietnam Moment," a photo essay collection that presents the beauty and wisdom of the Vietnamese nation and people. The photos break from the war-torn image of Vietnam to allow readers to feel the human beauty of a people maintaining their ancient traditions amidst natural splendor, their patience and determination developed over a winding history, and the affirmation and bravery of a people who have never given up hope.

"Vietnam Moment"'s 113 photos, taken by Korean-American writer and photojournalist Brenda Paik Sunoo during her stay in Vietnam from 2002 to 2008, perfectly convey her knowledge of and affection for the Vietnamese people. Accompanying the photos are folk poems, sayings and proverbs collected by Paik Sunoo and Vietnam National University English lecturer Ton Thi Thu Nguyet.

In order to promote mutual understanding and reconciliation between Korea, Vietnam and the United States, which share an intertwined history, the photo essay collection is printed in three languages --- Korean, Vietnamese and English.

HANOI, Vietnam – Forty years ago, Korean American writer/photojournalist Brenda Paik Sunoo and Vietnamese language teacher Ton Thi Thu Nguyet could have been considered enemies during the American War. But today-under different time and circumstances-the two met in Hanoi in 2003, and have since collaborated on several projects that foster better cultural relations between Vietnam, Korea and the United States.

"Vietnam Moment," their most recent book project, was published in February by Korea-based Seoul Selection. The main theme is about finding joy and serenity amid Vietnam's high-speed progress.

"Even though people these days seem to work non-stop, we still find time for simple pleasures. The photos and sayings try to capture those moments," says Ton Thi Thu Nguyet.

It features a collection of more than 100 photos taken in Vietnam by Ms. Sunoo between 2002 and 2008. Each image is accompanied by a traditional Vietnamese proverb, poem or song line selected by Ms. Ton Thi Thu Nguyet. In order to reach a broad audience, the text is provided in English, Vietnamese and Korean.

"Our book is unique because it juxtaposes contemporary visual impressions of a Korean American, and words from traditional Vietnamese culture," says Ms. Sunoo. "The collaboration has been very enriching."

Seoul Selection publisher Hyung-geun Kim says that "Vietnam Moment" is the first book of its kind. "I hope the book deepens the friendship between Koreans and the Vietnamese. There are thousands of Vietnamese immigrants now living and working in Korea."

Mr. Kim met Ms. Sunoo after she began living in Vietnam and traveled to Korea. Ms. Sunoo, (M.F.A.) is a third-generation Korean American born and raised California. She and her husband, Jan, came to Hanoi because of his assignment as an industrial relations specialist for the International Labor Organization. Upon arriving in Vietnam, Ms. Sunoo began taking Vietnamese language lessons with Ms. Ton Thi Thu Nguyet (M.A.) who is an English foreign language teacher at Vietnam National University in Hanoi. They quickly became friends who shared a passion for travel, photography and poetry.

Prior to the publication of "Vietnam Moment," Ms. Sunoo also authored a memoir about grief and healing entitled "Seaweed and Shamans-Inheriting the Gifts of Grief," also published by Seoul Selection. Ms. Ton Thi Thu Nguyet and Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang Hoa have since co-translated the English-language memoir into Vietnamese.

"Vietnam Moment" will be available in Vietnam by contacting Ms. Ton Thi Thu Nguyet or Brenda Paik Sunoo ( Otherwise, those interested in purchasing the book online may go directly to:


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