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The Moon of the Mind Rises in Empty Space
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 12,000
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Author: Prime Dharma Master Kyongsan
Publisher: Seoul Selection
Pub. Date: June 2011
Pages: 182
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 5.9 x 7.87 x 1.40
ISBN: 9788991913806
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Korea Reformed and Modernized Buddhism

With the World through First English-Language Lecture Collection

• Lecture-style commentary on the Il-Won-Sang Vow, a prayer containing the core ideas of Won-Buddhism

• Detailed and accessible explanations from Venerable Kyongsan, the fifth Prime Dharma Master of Won-Buddhism

• Theoretical explanation on the truth's way of being and methods for practice in daily life

The Moon of the Mind Rises in Empty Space: Lectures on the Il-Won-Sang Vow is the English-language edition of a collection addressing the key ideas of Won-Buddhism, a Korean form of Buddhism. The book was compiled from lectures delivered by Prime Dharma Master Kyongsan to Buddhist followers and the general public.

A Pledge to Live One's Life in a Way that Emulates the Truth

Won­-Buddhism (Won-Bul-Kyo in Korean) is a reformed and modernized Buddhism founded in 1916 by Sot'aesan. The aims of the order include the popularization of Buddhist tenets and the adaptation of Buddhist principles to daily life. With a name meaning the "one circle image," the Il-Won-Sang is the truth that is taken as the object of faith and model of practice in Won-Buddhism. The Il-Won-Sang Vow can be described as a pledge to live one's life in a way that emulates the Il-Won-Sang Truth.

Mind-Practice, a Key to Leading Happy and Successful Life

The Moon of the Mind Rises in Empty Space begins with a commentary on the theme of the Il-Won-Sang Vow, followed by an explanation in two parts on the vow's truth and practice aspects. The first part, "The Truth of Il-Won-Sang," tells us how we can describe the truth, while the second part, "The Practice of Il-Won-Sang," addresses how we can embody that truth in our everyday life.

In particular, the second part on practice could be characterized as a practical methodology for mind-practice, an important element of Won-Buddhism. Our lives and this world are the manifestations of our minds, so the knowledge of how to use our minds is fundamental and the key to leading happy and successful lives.



The Il-Won-Sang Vow

Commentary on the Theme of the Il-Won-Sang Vow

PART 1 The Truth of Il-Won-Sang

Chapter 1 General Content of the Il-Won-Sang Truth

Chapter 2 The Il-Won-Sang Truth Is the Root of All Things

Chapter 3 The Changing and Immutable Creative Transformations of the Il-Won-Sang Truth

PART 2 The Practice of Il-Won-Sang

Chapter 1 A Life Modeled Wholeheartedly on the Il-Won-Sang Truth

Chapter 2 The Life of Becoming a Buddha through the Threefold Study

Chapter 3 The Life of Progression and Grace

Chapter 4 The Result of Completing Our Vow

Chapter 5 Conclusion of the Il-Won-Sang Vow

About the Author

Venerable Kyongsan (Eung Cheol Jang, b.1940) is the fifth Prime Dharma Master of Won-Buddhism. He entered the Won-Buddhist faith at the age of twenty and graduated from the Department of Won-Buddhist Studies at Wonkwang University in 1968. He served as President of the Youngsan College of Sŏn Studies, Executive Director of Administration for Won-Buddhism, and Director of the Jung-ang Training Center of Won-Buddhism before he was inaugurated as the fifth Prime Dharma Master in 2006. He is currently preparing for the Centennial Celebration of Won-Buddhism and working to open up the new era. His books include The World of Lao-tzu, The Diamond Sutra in Everyday Life, Taming the Ox: Our Mind, and Hill of Freedom.


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