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Korean Ceramics: The Beauty of Natural Forms (Korea Essentials No.11)
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 9,800
USD 7.18
Author: Robert Koehler
Publisher: Seoul Selection
Pub. Date: Dec 2012
Pages: 108
Cover: Soft Cover
Dimensions (in inches): 5.39 x 7.08 x 0.35
ISBN: 9788997639076
Language: English
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Also available as eBook at: Kindle Store (Amazon)


Introduction 6

Chapter 1

The West's Love of Korean Ceramics 10

Appreciation for Joseon Ceramics | Korean Ceramics: Delicate Yet Rustic Simplicity

Chapter 2

Classical Elegance of Goryeo Celadon 20

Splendor and Decline of Goryeo Celadon | The Key Characteristics of Goryeo Celadon | The Best Under Heaven, The Celadons of Korea

Chapter 3

Free-Spirited Buncheong Ware 38

Development of Buncheong | Different Types and Techniques | Buncheong, A Native Korean Product

Chapter 4

Simplicity of White Porcelain 48

From Celadon to Buncheong to White Porcelain | Establishment of Bunwon | Historical Overview Of Joseon White Porcelain

Chapter 5

Korean Ceramics Manufacture and Methods 64

Onggi: Living and Breathing Crockery from the Joseon Dynasty | Celadon | Buncheong | White Porcelains

Chapter 6

Contemporary Trends in Korean Ceramic Arts 74

Pioneers of Modern Korean Ceramics | Second-Generation Potters

Chapter 7

Korean Ceramics: Where to Go 86

The World Ceramic Biennale | Gwangju: Home of Joseon Porcelain |

Icheon: Korea's Porcelain Heritage Lives on |

Yeoju: The Beauty of Practicality | Gangjin, Center of Goryeo Celadon


Information 102


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