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Korean Wines & Spirits: Drinks That Warm the Soul (Korea Essentials No. 18)
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 9,800
USD 7.16
Author: Robert Koehler
Publisher: Seoul Selection
Pub. Date: Dec 2014
Pages: 100
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 5.39 x 7.08 x 0.4
ISBN: 9788997639526
Language: English
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Also available as eBook at: Kindle Store (Amazon)

Koreans have been producingand drinkingalcohol for centuries. Along with song and dance, alcohol has always been an essential part of the Korean joie de vivre. Koreans drink a lot, but they dont drink just to get drunk. Of course, Koreans enjoy alcohol as a means to make merry and build cohesion between family, friends and coworkers. But alcohols place in Korean culture goes far beyond that. Alcohol has historically also been a medicine and a means to preserve perishable ingredients. It even has a place in the sacred rites of Koreas Confucian society, including the all-important ancestral remembrance rites. Because of the important role alcohol has played in their society, Koreans have developed sophisticated brewing techniques to produce a wide range of alcoholic tipples.


Introduction 6

Chapter 1

History of Korean Traditional Alcoholic Drinks 10

Three Kingdoms Period | Goryeo Dynasty | Joseon Dynasty |

Japanese Colonial Period | Post-Liberation Period

Chapter 2

Rice Wine of the Masses: Makgeolli 26

Brewing Makgeolli | History of Makgeolli | Makgeolli: It’s Good for You |

The Makgeolli Success Story | Well-Known Regional Makgeolli

Chapter 3

The World’s Best-Selling Distilled Liquor: Soju 42

From Arabian Liquor to Korea’s Firewater of the Masses | Soju: The Comfort

of a Nation | Well-Known Varieties of Soju

Chapter 4

Traditional Liquors and Wines from around Korea 64

Seoul Samhaeju | Jungwon Cheongmyeongju | Gyeryong Baegilju |

Myeoncheon Dugyeonju | Cheongyang Gugijaju | Hansan Sogokju |

Geumsan Insamju | Gimje Songsunju | Gyeongju Gyodong Beopju

Chapter 5

Korean Drinking Culture 80

Why Do Koreans Drink and How Much? | Pungnyu and the Art of Korean



Information 95

Alcohol Museums | Breweries | Research Centers and Educational Institutions

Delving Deeper

• Jumak: A Haven for Travelers 22

• Exploring the Korean Historic Breweries 30

• The Genial Makgeolli Street of Jeonju 40

• Savory Foods T]hat Accompany Soju, and Other Korean Pub Grub 60

• Nuruk: The Key to the Authentic Taste of Korean Brews 68

• Two Brewmasters Excelling at Their Craft 78

• The Wine Stream at Poseokjeong Pavillion 92


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